Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thanks to Harper, Mike Beath is now living beneath the poverty line

What a fraud for a policy that falsely claimed it would “strengthen Canada’s social security for pensioners and seniors”.....how did it ever intend to do that, pray tell?

Diane Francis:

Thank You. I am one of the converted in any case, but thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to Stevie, my wife and I are presently living below the poverty line for one reason only: We believed him when he said that "We will not touch Income Trusts". Yes the market crash also helped, but we were there prior to it.

I do have one Question for you: What reasons are there for not having more reporters probing this obvious cover-up?

Thanks Again,

Mike Beath


Anonymous said...

And the Beaths aren't the only ones living in poverty...those lying CON bastards put many more of us in the poorhouse...


Dr Mike said...

Strengthened the System eh.

Maybe the big pension plans themselves got strengthened.

Maybe those who have organized pension income got strengthened.

Maybe the corporate old guy CEO retirees got strengthened.

The problem is that the poor little guy investor who is clawing his way along to retirement & who has no organized pension plan will be doing so with the crumbs called corporate dividends.

Pass the Meow Mix.

Dr Mike