Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How Mark Carney made Canada captive to his Goldman Sachs

Please take a moment to ponder the many and varied policy implications and issues revealed in this email that I received yesterday. How many policy issue train wrecks in the making can you spot in this very succinct and condemning comment. I can spot at least seven:


I'm on way to New York tomorrow for meetings with US investors (much more frequent since the SIFT rules drove RRSP money away from the trusts).

Keep pushing. Income trusts are tax efficient vehicles that are perfect for RRSPs. Unbelievable that politicians would legislate against the made in Canada income trusts and then support the fast money ideas like ABCP, derivatives and hyper leverage. Mind boggling, and they wonder why their tax revenue has shrunk so dramatically. Maybe they need to cut and paste those 18 pages back in and have a good look.

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