Monday, April 27, 2009

I guess Murray Leith is a loser....quite literally


there is a much bigger picture here , most people who own it's do so for the income , i compared my fund with aic advantage from july 01 to march 09 with $100,000 initial investment, we issued the fund at $10 in july 01 current unit price is $11.70 and has paid over $8 in income , with distributions added back, march value over $190,000 the aic advantage fund march 09 value $61,000, folks in equity funds that need income are encouraged to do a systematic withdrawal program by their advisors, redeeming a set amount every month .,the example of the chart i will re send to you is sending the Dynamic client $1000 per month , what would the aic fund be worth had a $1000 swip started in july 01 , i would argue it has been depleted to 0 , Murray Leith simply does not get it .

Look at the other comparisons in the chart , it will blow your mind.

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Dr Mike said...

Ouch---that`s got to leave a mark.

Why don`t I feel bad??

Dr Mike