Thursday, April 30, 2009

Canada's Politicized & Paranoid Investment Board (CPPIB)

Below is the first of three incoming emails/phone calls I received from the Canada Politicized & Paranoid Investment Board (CPPIB). Each one escalated to someone higher in the apparatchik at the CPPIB

Why did the CPPIB attempt to stifle CAITI's right of free speech over CPP's income trust losses? So they lost a ton of money from Flaherty’s idiot income trust move. Big deal, what’s a measly $300 million anyway?

I am sure Flaherty did something, maybe in the way of bonuses or something to shut these guys up and have them ultimately play the “heavy” with no avail.

Or maybe Flaherty employed that concept, the term for which I learned from Elizabeth May....job blackmail?

I subsequently learned that the CPPIB was totally paranoid about these trust losses coming to light at the time of the one year anniversary of the great halloween Betrayal. Note the date when they first contacted me:

From: "Pedrosa, Manuel"
Date: October 30, 2007
Subject: Re: CPP has lost $158 million

Good Afternoon,

I would like to speak to someone about your scrolling marquee on your Web site that declares that the Canada Pension Plan has lost $158 billion as a result of Haper’s broken promises.

The only contact information on you Web site is this e-mail address.



Manuel Pedrosa
Specialist, Communications
Communications and Stakeholder Relations
CPP Investment Board
One Queen Street East
Suite 2600
Toronto, ON M5C 2W5

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