Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Schreiber is being falsely maligned by the press

Schreiber is being falsely maligned by the press, in articles such as "Schreiber's bombshells turn to duds" in the Toronto Star, based on their lack of knowledge of the case.

Karl Heinz Schreiber (KHS) is being taken to task and his credibility questioned for allegedly not revealing before previous court hearings all of his dealings with Mulroney when under testimony. This fails to acknowledge two FACTS.

(1) So too did Mulroney if you recall, claiming he only had coffee with KHS a “couple of time”, completely neglecting to mention that $300,000 in cash that was served as a dessert at one of these “casual get-togethers”.

(2) Harvey Cashore, producer of the Fifth Estate that exposed this Airbus Affair in the first place and has stuck doggedly to it, informed the viewers of Don Newman’s show, that the testimony of KHS on the matters being questioned and for which KHS’s credibility is now being measured, was CUT OFF by the court from proceeding any further in his testimony concerning his various meeting and dealings with Mulroney. So blame the JUDGE and not KHS. And don’t hold KHS to standards that aren’t being applied to the Right Honourable Lyin’ Brian. It was based on Lyin’ Brian’s false and incomplete testimony and his hiding the fact that he took $300,000 in cash ( hidden from the public during cross examination as well as hidden from Revenue Canada) , that formed the (false) basis on which Canadian taxpayers gave the guy $2 million! He lied to Canadians and it cost Canadians $2 million.

Where are any of these points being made in the print media, by which to measure KHS and his credibility? The same useless print media who would have Canadian believe that income trusts cause tax leakage and wouldn't know a fraud if they saw printed as s full page in their OWN bloody newspaper!

Canada's print media went "bankrupt" a long time before this global meltdown, in fact right around October 31, 2006 marked the point in time and coverage when the media exposed its inner useless self in crap like this.

Schreiber's bombshells turn to duds - Canada -
April 15, 2009
Richard J. Brennan


Dr Mike said...

First of all , I want our $2.1 mil back.

Second of all , I want the tax owing on the near $300 grand & + interest.

Third , I still want to know how many Conservatives owned income trusts on the evening of Oct 31st 2006.

Good luck to me as all three have been signed , sealed & delivered for services rendered.

Dr Mike

Tory@York said...

What a coincidence Dr. Mike, I want money back too..the 150 million back that the Liberals stole from us, plus interest.

Dr Mike said...


You are absolutely right--any gov`t with bad policy must be fried , I don`t give a flying frack which party they are , if you are wrong & it results in losses , you should be booted from office.

150 million or the 35 billion we lost is of no consequence to me since stealing our cash is stealing our cash.

So give it back.

Dr Mike former life-long Conservative.