Friday, April 24, 2009

Mr. Igntieff (sic); Hopefully you will read this

Mr. Igntieff; Hopefully you will read this- and others like it- and not summarily dismiss the idea of revisiting the income trust issue. Mr. Flaherty said yesterday he has no intention of reopening the income trust problem he created.

You should take this opportunity to poke the bear in his den- he has many reasons not to want to face the thousands of voters whom he mislead when he pulled his Halloween massacre. 

Bringing this issue to the public forum would garner you and your party votes you will need come election time. Reversing and/or significantly the income trust legislation would  pay many dividends in this current economic crisis. Oil and gas trusts in particular would benefit and might even bring in some western Canada voters over to the Liberals for a change. It would also bring in a flood of IPO's and many M&A's. Plus the stock market would benefit as the sideline money would come out of hibernation. And seniors would be able to rest easy as their cash flows would be once again be reasonably safe through 2011. Please give it serious consideration. 
 I am sure you all know of or have heard of Mr. Brent Fullard and his CAITI organization. I am forwarding his latest article which was published  April 20 I believe in the Hill Times. Many of you are quite likely tired of hearing about this issue but I would ask you take one more look at it and ask yourselves- was this a fair tax to impose on one sector?  Do not oil and gas trusts- particularly in this $50. oil price- deserve special treatment. i.e. grandfathering?

Does the public not  deserve to be privy to the finance departments full explanation, relative to the "huge" tax loss fearmongering, as requested by CAITI? Surely any of you cannot believe double taxing seniors RRSP's is a fair and equal method of taxation? Do you believe for one minute that if the government declared that pension indexing would be abolished for all public servants that it would be passed? Maybe you could bring the issue back to the public and government eye for one more go- not for the " Gipper" but for the seniors in this country.
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Port Moody/BC


Bruce Benson said...

My comments to Iggy when I nominated him on the Liberal Web Site.

Come on Michael, lets get with the program. I need to know what you are going to do with Income Trusts. If you want my financial assistance, I want to hear how you are going to prove to Canadians that the Tax Fairness Plan is the biggest lie to be presented to Canadians ever. You must prove to Canadians that Harper and his band of cronies (thieves) are liars and there is no need for double taxation of Canadian investors in RRSP's and LIF's. You have the facts, show Harper for the liar he is.

uber.liberal said...

But we NEED high taxes for the CBC and a national daycare. We'll never get this from the Cons!!

Dr Mike said...

Hey Uber.liberal

Who needs to increase taxes , just get rid of the Tax fairness Plan & watch the cash roll on in.

As a Liberal , you should already know that.

Dr Mike Popovich