Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enough already with Canada as a third world cleptocracy.

Here is a posting from Investor's Village CANROY's board:

Great article from Diane Frances
But we won't make progress on the issue unless the press, Diane inclusive,
will start focusing on the profiteers, the leeches who blackmailed Harper into breaking his promise.
When is that going to happen?
We need to show the public how the Demarais', D'Alessandro and the rest of this sinister gang benefited from the thievery.

Or maybe it would just be cleaner for all concerned, if one of the three Opposition Leaders were to expose Harper’s lie about leakage.

This is what Barack Obama would do, as his first act of office was to sign an executive order that makes disclosure of things akin to Harper’s Tax Leakage analysis, an obligation of his administration. Here in Canada, it seems everyone wants to keep us in the dark. Obama also said he wanted to be known as the “Empirical President”, not to be confused with Imperial, which would better describe Harper. By Empirical President , Obama means that he will base EVERY DECISION he makes with as much factual information as is available and is possible. This income trust tax policy was hoisted on Canadians based on the manufacture fraid called tax leakage. It is a total crock and the obverse of empirical. It is a charlatan's charade. We aren’t going to permit it to go down. The proper functioning of democracy is at stake. OUR democracy as entrusted to you, our PAID ELECTED Members of Parliament

Why are the Opposition Leaders sitting on their hands on this
fraud? We salivate for the kind of leadership that Obama represents. Who will be OUR Empirical Opposition Leader? Waiting is not an option, for waiting only served those who are part of the cleptocracy that is clearly going on here, as identified above. Which Opposition Leader will speak truth to in:

Globe and Mail:
November 2, 2006

High-profile directors and CEOs, meanwhile, had approached Mr. Flaherty personally to express their concerns: Many felt they were being pressed into trusts because of their duty to maximize shareholder value, despite their misgivings about the structure. Paul Desmarais Jr., the well-connected chairman of Power Corp. of Canada, even railed against trusts in a conversation with Prime Minister Stephen Harper during a trip to Mexico, and told him he should act quickly to stop the raft of conversions, according to sources.

Only to be clumsily denied by Dominic D'Alessandro is this patently false attempt at "cover up" (February 1, 2007) in testimony in Parliament before the Finance Committee:

“The notion and the implication that somehow the government on this [income trust tax] file is responding to initiatives that originated with corporations is not based on reality.”

Like I said, enough already with Canada as a third world cleptocracy.


Kephalos said...

Indeed, contrast the empirical President with ephemeral Members in the House of Commons.

Canadian democracy is insipid and becoming more and more wussy. One factor which contributes to this sad situation is the national press. Do not forget that the National Post killed the story on Mulroney taking money from Schreiber.

CAITI said...


Your point is spot on. I sent your comment to Jim Travers of the Toronto Star, who is fond of writing about Canada's crumbling democracy, but isn't prepared to do anything about or to acknowledge the role played by his very paper.

You might want to contact him yourself at

Here was some correspondence I had with about a week ago, when he was on a cloud writing about Canada's crumbling democracy:


You seem to be unable to distinguish positive from negative. That is not a good sign.

More importantly you seem to be unable to distinguish between those that effortlessly post flattering comments on your blog that speak about the need for democracy and those that actually do something about it, such as myself who has spent over 3,000 hours of my time at no compensation to myself, in pursuit of the truth because I wish to live in a democracy for me and for all Canadians, present and future.

When have your ever devoted 3,000 hours if your time voluntarily in a cause that is of interest to you or raised over $1 million to advocate on its behalf. Name one person in your profession who has.

It Vietnam, they had a term to distinguish between those that actually fought the front line war and those who did not. The latter were referred to as REMFs.....Rear Echelon Mxxx Fxxx. I like the term, in that it is very descriptive of so many people in our society, as well as being a unique marriage of words that are cerebral and words that are utterly disdainful.

You also seem also to be unable to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys in this cowboy movie. But then you didn’t work on Bay Street for 25 years, as I did.

Hint: I’m not the bad guy, as your response seems to imply.

By the way, I framed the issue about income trusts in the context of being about democracy and transparency, since the day that I learned that Flaherty’s tax leakage argument was a manufactured hoax......that was the afternoon of November 1, 2006, when I came into posseession of the HLB study commissioned during the Goodale round, entitled "The tax revenue implications of income trusts."

Have you read it? Are you not interested in learning was is contained in the equivalent of Nixon's 14 minute missing tape?

I also framed it that way in my meeting with your so called paper's so called Editorial Board, who argued that issuing 18 pages of blacked out documents was completely appropriate. No one seemed to care in that meeting I had with the Star's Editorial Board about transparency, accountability and democracy, except, or course me.

Your article contains an error: “Muzzled MPs. A powerless cabinet. Politicized senior bureaucrats. Unaccountable parties. Canada's democracy is in trouble. To fix it we have to connect the dots”

should have read

“Muzzled MPs. A powerless cabinet. Politicized senior bureaucrats. Unaccountable parties. And REMF Journalists. Canada's democracy is in trouble. To fix it we have to connect the dots”

I hope you aren’t one of them? You seem to be avoiding income trusts, as if to suggest writing about them and the fraud on which the policy is based, is a CLM.... career limiting move?

REMF’s hate making CLMs


Richard the Vitriolic said...

Harper "black mailed"????

I seriously doubt it.

More like "whored out". While campaigning for his first minority Government he whored out Canada's foreign policy to our home bred Israeli lobby. If you don’t believe they exist then go read the book by Mearsheimer and Walt.

After he won his minority Government, he whored out our Finance department to Paul Desmarais Jr. and Dominic D’Alessandro.

After he loses the next election and gets himself turfed from the party it will be interesting to see what cushy job he gets.

And that my friends is the way it works in Canada.