Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tony Clement, facile and vapid, like the Globe and Mail

Dear Mr Bxxxxx

Thank you for your email concerning income trusts. As you know this policy decision was endorsed by the previous Parliament. I and the Government were re-elected in the meantime.

As your MP, I will certainly pass along your concerns to the Minister of Finance. I will also keep your views in mind, as well as those of my other constituents, in any future discussions at Cabinet or Caucus.

Best wishes,

Tony Clement, MP.


Anonymous said...

Huh? Did the Liberals really want to do the same thing to Income Trusts?

Dr Mike said...

OMG , what a jerk!!

It is someone else`s problem because it was enacted by the last parliament?????

What is he saying here anyway??

Two wrongs make a right??

It`s nice when your MP takes the time to write you a well-thought-out answer like this & explains his viewpoint to exhaustion.

Must have been small beads of sweat.

Dr mike

Anonymous said...

it is important to recognize BS when u c it.......u cannot smell it from paper but u can recognize it.....if u r present when it is spoken u can smell it....

Bruce Benson said...

Clement basically says "I was part of the previous government" but "Since I am part of the new government, I share no responsibility for the past. A past in which I eagerly participated". I wonder what else you can expect from this CON clone. More of the same!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry guys. The Parry Sound-Muskoka Liberals team is going to take this guy down next election!