Friday, April 24, 2009

I am Woodward. Who is my Bernstein?

Thanks for exposing the truth time and time again Brent!

I have to give Amanda credit last night at least asking Jim about reversing it back. It never ceases to amaze me though that it would be very nice for Kevin O'Leary to talk to him.

He would NOT get off so easy. It is terrible when the owners of these large papers can print what they want and get away with it, even when it isn't the truth.

It's like when Jack Nicholson said to Tom Cruise that "You can't handle the truth". Jim and Steve can't seem to handle it either.

Doug Boraas


That passing comment does nothing to absolve Amanda in my mind.

Amanda is a decent honest person and is coming to see the light of Flaherty’s gross deception and lies. Amanda Lang can easily raise her journalistic stature, by simply calling upon the grossly incompetent and deceitful Jim Flaherty to "Prove the case or drop the tax." in PROVE with numbers that stand the scrutiny of third party peer review and FULL PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY.

I am Woodward.

Apart from Diane Francis.....WHO IS MY BERNSTEIN?.......step right up and be a journalistic hero in the eyes of 33 million Canadians. Tell your commercially self-interested owners and the bozos who run them (BCE, Teachers’, Torstar and Woodbridge) to jump off a cliff of their own making......we aren’t going over the one they falsely created for us in January 2011


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Hey Brent , if I could just get myself some hair , I would be glad to do it.

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