Friday, April 24, 2009

Flaherty’s guilt is the equivalent of medical malpractice, meanwhile he has caused a financial pandemic

Flaherty has been gamed by the life insurance industry and others into believing that income trusts cause tax leakage. Meanwhile unbeknownst to Jim Flaherty, Tax leakage was disproven during the Ralph Goodale Consultative Round. By calling for Public Consultation, Ralph Goodale is a saint in my opinion, for his actions led to this pivotal revelation that income trusts do not cause tax leakage.

Therefore Jim Flaherty has misdiagnosed the situation and prescribed the wrong treatment. Canada’s 2.5 million income trust investors, a vast number of whom are seniors of finite means are soon faced with amputation of their life support system. This misdiagnoses, of tax leakage, has gone on now for 2.5 years and this misdiagnoses is being falsely and ACTIVELY propped up by news organizations with a financial axe to grind, namely the entire CTVGlobeMedia empire. Toronto Star, and other media assets held and controlled by Tortstar, as well as newspapers controlled by the Power Financial/Desmarais family and the assets controlled by the Asper family.

Meanwhile other newspaper and media chains are awakening to Jim Flaherty’s false diagnosis and the malpractice it has caused. These newspapers, such as SUN Media and the Hill Times and a host of other INDEPENDENT papers are practicing HONEST and PROFESSIONAL news reporting that is driven by a SCIENTIFIC and ETHICAL regard for the facts. Other newspapers are not practicing ethical journalism, and their silence or active promulgation of these known falsehoods concerning tax leakage, means that they are as guilty of this malpractice, as are those who committed because they are guilty by virtue of commission or through omission.

Their DUTY to the public is to report the TRUTH and to expose the misdiagnoses of the Government of Canada. This duty to the public, pertains to not just the 2.5 million Canadians directly affected but to ALL CANADIAN TAXPAYERS, because the misdiagnoses itself, has lead to the very symptoms, namely tax leakage. Tax leakage is a diagnosis that the life insurance industry would love for us all to be DUPED into believing, as would the managers of other corporations who do not wishing to give up a model that they have been so successful at gaming through a plethora of ways, principally through executive stock options, that the government taxes at HALF the rate of income. If there is any tax leakage going on here, the tax treatment of income from employment from executive stock options in the hands of some the most highly compensated people in Canada, is it.

Meanwhile Jim Flaherty’s false diagnosis has caused harm to all taxpayers in Canada. Even the copy editor of the London Free Press gets that brain dead obvious point. For when the copy editor of the London Free Press was asked to do the layout for my piece that also ran in Sun newspapers across the country on April 7, 2009, this is the part that he/she felt was deserving of bold highlighting and special large font type (see attached):

“The trust takeovers to date by foreigners have caused Ottawa and all taxpayers to lose more than $1 billion in annual tax revenue, a number that will soon climb to $7.5 billion. And for what?”

This lose of taxes is the EQUIVALENT OF A 1.5% INCREASE IN THE GST. It will be borne by all taxpayers.

Flaherty's actions have casued a tax leakage PANDEMIC. What an incompetent and intellectually corrupt evil doer, causing a $7.5 billion ANNUAL TAX LEAKAGE PANDEMIC.

Given this, I have brought this matter to the attention of the senior most people at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, namely the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. This pandemic needs to be stopped NOW and not at a time of optimal political convenience for them. This is because the Liberal Party has already been given one election cycle to deal with this matter, namely the 2008 election, and they failed to do so.

All Canadians need to be brought out from the DARK AGES and out from the world of QUACK MEDICINE.

Michael Ignatieff says that “Canadians deserve the truth”. Yes, and in the age of Barack Obama and the internet, that means “Canadians deserve the truth NOW” and not at a time of optimal benefit to them, since failure on the part of the Liberals to properly diagnose this disease, will simple mean that we are treating a bunch of BLATANTLY FALSE symptoms with Stephen Harper’s quack medicine, prescribe to him by CANADA”S LIFE INSURANCE industry and a bunch of disrepectful and deceitful managers who did an end run around their TRUE OWNERS, and thereby corrupted Canada as a democracy in the process.

I quote from the vapid and facile Globe and Mail, who in a moment of sheer joy and celebration, let their yellow journalism down for a moment to reveal (on November 2, 2006) that:

“High-profile directors and CEOs, meanwhile, had approached Mr. Flaherty personally to express their concerns: Many felt they were being pressed into trusts because of their duty to maximize shareholder value, despite their misgivings about the structure. Paul Desmarais Jr., the well-connected chairman of Power Corp. of Canada, even railed against trusts in a conversation with Prime Minister Stephen Harper during a trip to Mexico, and told him he should act quickly to stop the raft of conversions, according to sources.”

Meanwhile I find it quite ironic that one of the journalist who I have fought to become an honest journalist by covering the income trust story, as opposed to COVERING UP the income trust story, has an article today entitled:

“Don Martin: RCMP's Dziekanski cover-up becoming worse than the crime:

I think if I were the copy editor at the London Free Press, I would run that story under the title of

“RCMP': Don Martin’s cover-up becoming worse than the crime”

Despite my numerous attempts, Don Martin has refused to cover this income trust cover up story and actually expressed glee when he wrote “Jim Flaherty seems to have finally put the income trust flip-flop behind him.”

That was on December 31, 2007......nice try Don Martin.....or shall I say nice attempt at cover up Don Martin and the rest of Canada’s sycophant media shills. Don Martin was also the person who REFUSED to provide me with his copy of Harper’s 20 page manual on how to obstruct Parliament and render it less democratic and more dysfunctional, at the time when Harper had reneged on his fixed election date promise by citing that Canada’s Parliament was dysfunctional. Don Martin refused to provide me with his copy of that highly significant document. For my persistence in getting the truth from Don Martin, I became the target of his slander in a gratuitous piece he wrote entitled “Don Martin: Will someone save me from Brent Fullard?” During the election no less and obviously desigbed to lessen my chances against the intellectually corrupt and grossly incompetent Jim Flaherty.

Again if I were the copy editor of the London Free Press, I would run that story under the title:

“Will someone, save Canadians from the FALSE journalism and lies being told to Canadians about tax leakage, thereby preventing All Canadians from losing $7.5 billion in ANNUAL TAX LEAKAGE, and losing large swaths of our economy to foreign owners who are loading these companies up with debt as the means to gain financial leverage and pay no taxes? Will the Liberal party act in their role as the College of Physicians and Surgeon and expose Flaherty’s medical malpractice, or is their greater allegiance with the Life Insurance companies, like Manulife and Power Financial, who benefit from the perpetration of this fraud an the fog of war, associated with Canadians not knowing what is known”?

I may have to revoke Ralph Goodale’s sainthood that I bestowed upon him, since what is the point of me being the ONLY Canadians to know that income trusts DO NOT cause tax leakage, when every other Tom Dick and Harry is actively being kept in the dark? That’s is exactly the same form of quack medicine, which is being practiced by Stephen Harper himself and hardly deserving of sainthood?

My simple role is as the agent of TRUTH. The truth is certain to emerge, since truth is relentless. Truth doth pander to no man.

Canadians DO deserve the truth, as Michael Ignatieff says.........yes, but now. There is no such concept as the optimal time to know the truth. The truth demands to be told and known by all. Otherwise we simply are witnessing a cover-up that has overtaken our democracy. Michael Ignatieff is ablsolutely right when he says that the income trust tax was an “act of vandalism” and that its premises are “fallacious”.

Please join me as the agent of truth, and tell all Canadians about this fallaciously premised act of vandalism. We have learned the difficult and disappointing lesson, that the Don Martin’s of this world don’t have the balls and/or brains to do so. Do we want Canada to be run by sycophants or Leaders and governed by the truth or patent falsehoods? Does your banl give you two bank balances at the end of the months or one? Does your credit card company send you a statement or 18 pages of blacked out documents to prove what you have paid versus what you owe.

Wake up sheeple. This is our country. Don’t take no for an answer. What will be the next trick to be pulled on you, and shoved down your throats by the media shills at the behest of the corporations that own them?


Dr Mike said...

Using the truth as a matter of convenience & opportunity is as bad as the lie itself--continued harm to the innocent flows from the prolongation of the lie & this just digs the hole ever deeper.

Time for the Liberals to step-up to the dish & hit one for the little guy.

Make it Little guys 1 , CEOs 0.

Now that would be a first.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

It has been said many time before . . this is war - and the first casualty of war is TRUTH!

RE: Don Martin - good liar for a cartoonist!?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for exposing the truth time and time again Brent! I have to give Amanda credit last night at least asking Jim about reversing it back. It never ceases to amaze me though that it would be very nice for Kevin O'Learyto talk to him. He would NOT get off so easy. It is terrible when the owners of these large papers can print what they want and get away with it,

even when it isn't the truth.

It's like when Jack Nicholson said to Tom Cruise that "You can't handle the truth". Jim and Steve can't seem to handle it either.


Anonymous said...

Doug, I am not so sure O'Leary would even say anything. O'Leary has found his way around the Income Trust issue and no longer cares about the segment. See Brent's blogs on Kevin. Bruce

CAITI said...

Bruce is RIGHT......Kevin’s clear conflict of interest, caused by his present day bid in the market to scoop up income trusts in exchange for units of the O’Leary Fund, in order to capture and annual management fee stream, totally disqualifies him as being an independent advocate on trusts. Squeeze Play is set up between Amanda an Kevin, as “point-counter-point” type show. What with Kevin’s gross conflict of interest from his “mail before midnight tonight” offer on the back page of the ROB, he would probably be more inclined to ask Jim Flaherty about the weather if he were to appear on Squeeze Play, than he would the central issue concerning Flaherty’s fraudulent tax leakage. Meanwhile, if I am not mistaken, Amanda is friends with Mark Carney

As such Squeeze Play is no longer “point-couter-point” but rather “point-point” and therby becomes totally counter-productive on the issue of income trusts........but you have already observed that in action for the better part of two years.

As such I am quite leery of Kevin, and in fact now refer to him as Leery O’Kevin. That could change in an instant, if either he or Amanda were to actually perform their public duty and nail Flaherty and Carney on their fraudulent tax leakage analysis.