Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Unlike Politicians, Doctors of Ophthalmology don't have pensions

The Liberal Party, and its Finance Critic John McCallum, are failing ALL Canadians by not messaging the income trust issue properly. I have said this repeatedly for 20 months. This is why you are gaining no traction on this issue or in depicting Harper as incompetent and grossly deceitful. What is your hang-up?

This Doctor of Ophthalmology gets it.......why can’t you?

Dear XXX,

I am attaching a recent letter published in the Hill Times, written by Brent Fullard. This letter thoroughly exposes the arrogance and thoughtlessness of the Harper government in passing the income trust tax law which takes effect in 2011. Even before becoming active the law has caused considerable loss to Canada, as nation; and too its citizens, particularly senior citizens, who have counted on income trusts to help provide for their financial needs in their later years. This issue has been glossed over in recent months and I’m sure the Harper Government hopes that the objections to the law have been put under the bed, forever.

But the issue remains smoldering in our hearts and we concerned citizens of Canada would like some help from our responsible media to fight and arouse support for the repeal of this ugly, harmful piece of legislation. My purpose in writing you, is to ask for the assistance of my Newspaper, the XXX, to be the social critic it has been, in the past. Please help us fight for social justice and accountable government in this country. Otherwise we will lose it. As it is said, the price of freedom is constant vigilance.

Thank you XXX. I am hopeful that we can have your active involvement and support.



Dr Mike said...

I whole heartedly second it.

It is time someone stepped-up & protected the little guy who does not have a pension for a change.

It is indeed sad when one CEO is worth more than one average Canadian citizen.

Michael A Popovich BSc , DDS , RRT
Rodney Ont

Anonymous said...

Stubby Flaherty, a lawyer by trade, may well be legally blind when it
comes to the economy.

He certainly has tunnel vision.

Can an ophthamologist operate
successfully to correct this deficiency?