Monday, April 27, 2009

Will the Liberals be able to get Harper to confess there is no (WMD) tax leakage?

Dear Ms. Francis;
As a long time subscriber and fan of your column I want to thank you for your weekend article on the income trust issue. You presented it very concisely and to the point. Surely even the mad Irishman can see the upside to canceling his horrendous error.
The positive benefits for all concerned it too hard to ignore. Even Harper can surely see that he would scoop the Liberals and at the same time garner back the votes he lost. Even George Bush finally admitted there were no WMD's in Iraq. The positive reaction in the markets would be beneficial to all investors/brokerages/banks/pension funds etc- the list goes on and on.
As you know the Liberals are having a convention this weekend in Vancouver. Maybe some effort could be brought to Iggy to take a stand on this issue- very publicly. I believe he should raise the issue in Question Period. I think many seniors who were staunch  big "C" conservatives are still waiting to see what the Liberal's actually DO on this issue. So far I think Mr. McCallum has been too quiet and he is the one who should be raising it again.
Anyways enough ranting- thanks again.
Rod Archibald

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Dr Mike said...

Speaking of Question Period , whatever happened to that On Probation web site anyway??

Dr Mike