Monday, April 27, 2009

Like Tom, neither Canada's Politicians nor Media should live in fear of reprisal

Tom said (on Diane Francis' blog)

"I may be a lone voice in this blog but that’s of no significance. What's far more significant is that the voters have spoken on the trust issue in the last election when a specific policy reversal was on the table."

Correction Tom, irrespective of whether you are the lone voice on this blog, you are clearly the lone idiot in this country who believes that a policy that was premised on the TOTAL FALSEHOOD of tax leakage should be allowed to stand, when that very policy itself is causing tax leakage.

You and Stephen Harper are like Typhoid Mary who brought typhoid to every home in which she worked, only to kill off each successive family, except in your case and that of Stephen Harper, his lies and incompetence are causing tax leakage, where none previously existed?

Smart? No, Brain dead dumb, like all of your blind faith and ridiculous arguments enumerated above.

Like Diane Francis has said from the very outset: "Prove the case or drop the tax".

That's why you were born with a use it supposedly. This isn't communist Russia after all, you are free to exercise your brain without fear of reprisal.

Your full name wouldn't be Tom Flanagan would it? Terry Corcoran? Jack Mintz? Paul Desmarais? Dominic D'Alessandro. Rev. Jimmy Jones?

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