Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why not take aim at the government?

Anonymous said...

Goodale brought income trusts up in the House today. Others did earlier this week. Why not take aim at the government?

CAITI said...

Why not take aim at the government?

For the simple fact that the Liberals are FAILING to prosecute this issue PROPERLY and are simply "dancing" around the issue.

The Liberals have had 2 and half years to message this issue properly and completely FAILED to deal with it properly in the 2008 election.

They are the Official OPPOSITION aren’t they?

Raising the issue in the House is INSUFFICIENT unless the Liberals tell Canadians that tax leakage is a LIE.

Or do you suppose in "Taking aim at the government, we will get them to admit that TAX LEAKAGE IS A LIE, after all, the tax leakage lie is only the SOLE BASIS on which this fraudulent policy was SOLD to Canadians and was the SOLE BASIS on how Harper got away with breaking his SOLEMN ELECTION PROMISE.

Meanwhile CAITI has been taking aim at the government with hundreds of BULLSEYE shots to the core of this policy.......meanwhile the LIBERALS KEEP MISSING THE TARGET COMPLETELY with their lams spitballs and paper clips questions that I almost think are intended to miss and inflict no har, insofar as this policy is concerned?

VERY disconcerting.

I look forward to being proven wrong.

Brent Fullard

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Dr Mike said...

It is time for the gloves to come off as CAITI has relentlessly assailed this gov`t since late 2006.

We all know that they will never admit they were wrong, esp "Take it out to the Parking Lot" Jim.

We all know where the Dippers & Bloc stand on this one , for now at least.

The Liberals have been making hit & MISS comments about trusts as they relate to a broken promise.

But until the opposition parties actually pull their heads out of their collective butts & let the people know that this bill harmed all of Canada & not just a bunch of too rich old geezers , then we will all be the poorer for the experience.

Democracy is suffering a huge black eye here.

Someone on parliament hill has to stand up & be counted.

Dr Mike