Thursday, April 23, 2009

North Bay Nugget scoops the Mop and Pail

Greetings Ms. Malloy.

It is refreshing to see this issue getting the media attention it truly deserves.

As a financial planning professional , I have witnessed first hand the devastating effect this broken promise has wreaked upon many of my clients financial well-being . Given the fact that a vast majority of all Canadian citizens do not have “gold-plated” defined benefit pension plans, this ill-conceived legislation serves to exacerbate their retirement income plight not to mention the fact that Canadian ownership of many of our natural resources slips away via foreign takeovers.

I continually remind my clients each & every time we meet that when it comes to income trusts, the Harper Conservative government broke its promise of “never “ taxing them.

Congratulations to the Hill Times as well as the North Bay Nugget /Osprey Media Publishing for printing Mr. Fullard’s excellent articles. Keep up the good work on behalf of the many Canadians who need their voices heard.

To Mr. Flaherty & Prime Minister Harper, you have the power to right the wrong you have grievously inflicted upon the majority of Canadians.

You know your tax leakage logic is both flawed & fraudulent , so do the right thing by reversing your malefic legislation.


David M Butti BA
Financial Advisor

Insurance Consultant


Dr Mike said...

Got to love these letters as they are all well-written & speak from the heart.

It appears that trust investors are more than the push-over old fart coupon clippers that the Cons & the media tried to portray us to be.

The sooner all parties in the HoC realize this the better.

We are not going away & you might as well deal with it.

Dr Mike

CAITI said...

Great letter David! Too bad that Harper isn’t more adept at lying when he put the boots to your clients and the millions of adversely affected Canadians across this country. Kate Malloy is my hero! You too!

Brent Fullard