Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mr Goodale: The tax leakage pandemic goes on UNABATED. Action required NOW

The Liberals have to get their head out of the sand on this income trust matter, as their INACTION and lack of ADVOCACY on the trust file and in exposing HARPERS GROSS LIE OF TAX LEAKAGE is contributing to tax leakage by allowing these trusts to be ACQUIRED BY FOREIGNERS such as this takeover announced TONIGHT. FAILURE TO act in OPPOSITION to this loss of taxes from these takeovers means the LIBERAL PARTY IS BEING REMISS and becomes COMPLICIT in these TAX LOSSES. Your action and advocacy is required NOW:

Eveready Inc. (TSX:EIS). Energy. Up on 5,370,941 shares on news it signed a definitive C$464 million cash and stock deal to be acquired by Clean Harbors Inc. (NYSE:CLH), North America's biggest provider of environmental and hazardous waste management services.

On December 31, 2008 Eveready Inc. converted from a growth oriented income fund into a growth oriented, dividend paying corporation.


Anonymous said...

Goodale brought income trusts up in the House today. Others did earlier this week.

Why not take aim at the government?

Dr Mike said...

This is nothing more than a "pansy" effort by the Liberals.

They mount an attack where a full-out frontal ass-kicking assault is what is needed before it is too late.

A zinger here & a zinger there is "nice" but nice won`t cut it.

This issue affects all Canadians not just trust investors.

Come on Libs get with the freaking program.

Dr Mike Popovich

CAITI said...

Why not take aim at the government?

For the simple fact that the Liberals are FAILING to prosecute this issue PROPERLY and are simply "damcing" around the issue.

The Liberals have had 2 and half years to message this issue properly abd completely FAILED to deal with it properly in the 2008 election.

They are the Officila OPPOSITION arent't?

Raising the issue in the House is INSUFFICIENT unless the LIberals tell Canadians that tax leakage is a LIE.

Or do you suppose in "Taking aim at the government, we will get them to admit that TAX LEAKAGE IS A LIE, afterall, the tax leakge lie is only the SOLE BASIS on which this fraudulent policy was SOLD to Canadians and was teh SOLE BASIS on how Harper got away with breaking his SOLEMN ELECTION PROMISE.

Meanwhile CAITI has been taking aim at the government with hundreds of BULLSEYE shots to the core of this policy.......meanwhile the LIBERALS KEEP MISSING THE TARGET COMPLETELY with their lams spitballs and paper clips questions that I almost think are intended to miss and inflct no harm?

I look forward to been proven wrong.

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Pandemic is a feared word at the moment, maybe overly so, but nonetheless feared. Nevertheless, there is a potential influenza pandemic that has killed people and could kill thousands and you're using the word to scare up political points?

CAITI said...



The concept I am using is "tax leakage pandemic" and "financial pandemic"...I began using it a long before this swine flu pandemic hit the news or triggered your acute and unwarranted sensibilities.

Thanks, but no thanks for your attempts to turn the politically unacceptable outcome of tax leakage pandemic into something more innocuous and politically correct.

Brent Fullard