Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jim Flaherty's Great Canadian "tax leakage" Giveaway Sale

MacLeans’ Aaron Wherry writes about Question Period yesterday:

“Back came Goodale, surely ready for this: “Mr. Speaker, two and a half million Canadians remember that he said the same thing about income trusts.” The Liberal side stood to cheer.”

Meanwhile yesterday it is also reported, in the real world, that: Eveready Inc. (TSX:EIS). Energy signed a definitive C$464 million cash and stock deal to be acquired by US Clean Harbors Inc. (NYSE:CLH), North America's biggest provider of environmental and hazardous waste management services.

On December 31, 2008 Eveready Inc. converted from a growth oriented income fund into a growth oriented, dividend paying corporation, and thereby is still vulnerable to foreign takeover, making the takeovers from the trust tax policy total $100 billion and causing $1 billion in Annual tax loss revenue per year, or twice the amount that Flaherty alleged income trust were causing. If nothing is dome, this tax loss will increase to $7.5 billion a year, the equivalent of a 1.5% GST increase to be incurred by ALL TAXPAYERS across the country.

With all due respect Mr. Goodale, this issue is not about the 2.5 million Canadians, it is about ALL CANADIANS and whether Canada is a true democracy or not and whether Parliament passed legislation that is in the interest of ALL CANADIANS or whether it is passed to serve the narrow interests of a handful of corporate managers who did an end run around their shareholders to SABOTAGE an alternative that they didn’t like, but which they knew their shareholders wanted, so they went to Ottawa to put the fix in and Ottawa complied with this fraud of a policy that was premised on the lie about tax leakage.

These series of full page CAITI newspaper ads is what this issue is REALLY about. This tax policy madness has to stop NOW:

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And ONLY “least” importantly, this issue is about:

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Why can Diane Francis of the Financial Post (click here) get this right on April 25, 2009, and the Members of Parliament and the Liberals. NDP and Bloc CAN NOT? Whose bed are they sleeping in?

See also this April 7, 2009 article in Sun Newspapers across the country: No income, no trust

See also Hill Times major exposé of April 20, 2009: Why the inccome trust issue REFUSES to go away

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Dr Mike said...

Obviously this issue was never about tax leakage as that has been proven to be a bogus call just done to scam the public.

It appears that it was the old "you scratch my back & I will scratch yours" end-around.

If you kill trusts I will run you some tax dollars & when you are done playing government , a nice cushy job will be waiting.

Ho Hum , another day on the Hill.

Dr Mike