Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reach for the flops....Ottawa edition

This comment
“It is very difficult to predict the next crisis,” Mr. Carney said Tuesday during testimony to the House of Commons Finance Committee. “One should never assume that because it hasn't happened that it won't happen.” April 28, 2009

Ranks with this comment:
“My own belief is that if we were going to have some kind of of crash or recession, we probably would have had it by now” Stephen Harper, September 15, 2008

Or this inane and incriminating comment:
“I guess if we were incompetent, we wouldn’t admit to it” Brian Ernewein, Department of Finance, at the Public Hearings on Income Trusts, when challenged about the Department’s bogus tax leakage claims February 1, 2007

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Dr Mike said...

The whole problem with the modern day Canadian political system stems from a lack of accountability & openness , yes , the very same thing that this present "New" Conservative gov`t ran on in the 2006 election.

How can we have a true democracy when the people in Ottawa do whatever the hell they want to do in order to stay in power or to kowtow to some particular group.

The majority never rules.

The gov`t has no fear of it`s people as they expect it to be the other way around.

And yes , we do fear them alright , as we constantly wait for the next bone-headed program to pop up which plathers to some group or another but which does very little for the greater good.

Half the time they hide why they do things or they frame it in such as way as to make it palatable to the masses.

And along comes a guy like Kevin Page who attempts to act independent of the ruling party & tell it like it is.

Squash-city as both the head cheese party & the opposition try to muzzle him.

So much for openness & accountability--so much for democracy.

Dr Mike