Monday, April 27, 2009

Excerpt from Garth Turner's book, Sheeple

This was probably what Harper told his trained Con seals when the Tax Fraudulent Plan, to turn Canada into a cleptocracy, was first announced to caucus:

“There will be impacts in some of your ridings. They will affect people, and you may be tempted to talk about them. But don’t. Anyone who has anything to say about this will soon find out they have a very short political career.”

—Harper, announcing program spending cuts during a caucus meeting

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Dr Mike said...

Say , are these guys not our PAID elected representatives??

Almost sounds like they are working for us.

If that is the case then what`s the deal with a lame-ass speech like that to the caucus.

In memory of Jock McBile , Harper get stuffed!!!!!

Dr Mike