Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flaherty the corrupt moron, presaged the meltdown

To: Brent Fullard

The remaining income trusts are down $90,566,874,000 from their close on October 31, 2006. 

That's $90.566 billion with a "b".

Spreadsheet available as always.

Les Parsneau (

Corrupt you ask?

The moron part is self explanatory.

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Dr Mike said...

Down 90 Billion???

I thought I heard Jim just a few weeks ago say that they had regained most of their value.

Jim operates under the Flim Flam rules of accounting where anything less than 65 billion in loss can still be regarded as "most".

I am surprised that the Ontario Lottery Corporation does not hire him as it would be a perfect fit.

Dr Mike