Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ignatieff in QP today confronts Harper on his income trust "vandalism"

“Mr. Speaker, this is the Prime Minister who spent us into the red in the good times. It is the Prime Minister who slapped a 31.5 per cent tax on income trusts. This is the Prime Minister who is going to leave us with the biggest deficit in Canadian history, and he is giving me a lecture on economics?” Ignatieff yelled indignantly, sticking a thumb out and motioning to himself.


Bruce Benson said...

Well it's one thing for Iggy to mention Income Trusts but he and the Liberals must go farther. They must show Canadians that the Tax Fairness Plan is nothing but one of the biggest fabricated lies in history. Complaining about the tax will not get us anywhere. He must put the facts out there for Canadians to see and perhaps after that, the true face of Harper and his cronies will shine for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree ... there needs to be way more attention paid to this issue. Iggy needs to be yelling about this on a much more regular basis, if that's what it takes to get that tax repealed and the CONs out of office.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good tag line for this mess:

Flaherty lied,
Pensions died.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good tag line for this mess:

Flaherty lied, pensions died.

Kephalos said...

Income trust investors are on the bleeding edge of two issues -- (a) retirement savings and retiree income and (b) CON perversions of the objective Finance and democracy.

Most Canadians don't care about (a). In fact, I've heard a long time friend say "So what if some rich old farts lost some savings. They still have more than most people." We make a good victim. Perhaps not even the Good Samaritan would stop for us. Ya but what happened to security of person and protection of property?

What all Canadians should care about is that the CONS lied thru their teeth to push the double-taxation into law.

What the Liberals and other opposition MPs need to do is defend Canadian democracy and protect an invisible minority.

Dr Mike said...

We need Michael to lay it all on the line as far as their trust policy goes---lay it out there for all to see--tell it like it is--or isn`t.

If they are not willing to take this to the end & repeal this archaic law , then let us know & let us get on with another direction.

They seem to want us on the hook with none of the risk.

Come on Michael make a major policy speech & let`s see what you got.

Dr Mike Popovich

Bruce Benson said...

It's all clear now, thanks Brent for filling me in on the details. I don't expect I will get a reply from Kevin any time soon. He has many more things to do, none of these things will help the lowly trust investor. Like Kevin always says, "It's all about the money." He has found his way around the trust tax and the trust issue has long since been forgotten.

Brent said:

Don’t forget the FEE STREAM that he will earn....that’s the sole MODUS operandi objective....gathering assets to capture a fee stream. I am so glad that Leery O’Kevin has found a way to make our income trust nightmare...”work for him”. Now I know why Kevin has been such a tepid and useless advocate and why he immediately “changed the channel” when the topic of reversing the income trust tax came up on that CBC special on ways the 2009 Budget could deal with Canada’s looming deficit, and feature the cast of Dragon’s Den, in which this point was raised by the founder of Boston Pizza Income Fund. Leery O’Kevin was anxious to kill that idea in a nanosecond, as maybe that was circa the time that he was drafting his prospectus for the Leery O’Kevin, mail before midnight tonight, income trust swoop?

John said:

Has anyone looked at the brochure he has put out, its really fancy, all you have to do is give him money for two years, and he will guarantee a 8% return, he will buy TRUSTS paying 13 % and more, he takes the difference, and sends you the crumbs, he must have gone to the same school as the CANADIAN economist did.