Monday, April 27, 2009

It's about the democracy, stupid

Until the Opposition parties expose Harper’s blatant lie about tax leakage, Canada will not be a democracy but rather a cleptocracy, We haven’t forgotten how this garbage policy was “sold” in the first place or the corporate elite who hoisted these losses on us and who helped corrupt our democracy in the process by end running their shareholder owners and went squawking to corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in Ottawa to bring about that result. Never has Canada’s democracy been abrogated like this before. We won’t stand for it:

This from on Diane Francis' blog


All good points, especially the one about the Department of Finance being creative about "tax leakage".

So creative in fact, that they manufactured this fraudulent falsehood about so-called tax leakage, out of thin air:


Dr Mike said...

Democracy in Canada = 18 blacked-out pages + the recall of those same pages.

How sweet is that!!

We pay these clowns , can we fire them too??

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Yeah this Income Trust thing is more than just about an investor's personal losses ... people don't seem to get that it is ultimately about democracy, government accountability and transparency. Or generally exercising Canadian constitutional rights.

Hmm thinking about our recent Earth Day ... what a joke in Canada. The decision on Income Trusts is a huge step back for the environment in Canada or creating new decent paying jobs. Why is nobody talking about that? After some basic research, turns out most companies dedicated to producing new environmentally friendly technologies are set up as Income Trusts ...

There. Please do what you can with "the environment and its relation to Income Trusts" as a theme for a guest column. Might offer a new audience for CAITI or offer an editorial board a choice of where to place the article - business or a fluffy section.

I am also keeping in mind tree huggers hate CON ideology and love to protest ... thanks for considering a posting or article on this topic. Either way keep up the good work. My household is very grateful.