Wednesday, September 3, 2008

CAITI Offers $10,000 cash reward for a copy of Harper’s 200 page manual

We are told by Stephen Harper that 4 by-elections presently well under way are to be terminated because Parliament is dysfunctional.

Who made Parliament dysfunctional?

Evidently this was a premeditated strategy of the Harper Government as codified in Harper’s 200 page manual that was obtained by Don Martin of the Calgary Herald in the spring of 2007.

This “Parliamentary Obstruction Document” was provided to all Parliamentary Committee ( therfore Conservative) Chairman. One of those Chairman, who evidently suffers from Bernier’s disorder, left his copy behind in a committee room. His hand written notes were scribbled all over it.

That document was picked up by a non-Conservative, who then provided it to Don Martin of the Calgary Herald.

I recently asked Don for a copy. Here’s what Don Martion said to me on August 18, 2008:

“Nah, most of it is just photocopied procedural paper anyway. The juicy stuff is a slide show given to the chairs that was only about 30 pages.”

Guess what? That answer is unacceptable. I want a copy. The voting public has a right to know. This document would do much to put Harper’s “dysfunction” argument into perspective,

Don Martin did undertake about ten days ago to check with his source whether I could also receive a copy of this document. I heard noting in response.

I would ask Don to inform his source of my offer:

I am prepared to pay $10,000 for the first bone fide copy of this Parliamentary Obstruction Manual that is made available to CAITI and accepted by CAITI for payment.

The offer is good until September 15, 2008, the day that our dysfunctional Parliament was set to resume sitting

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Dr Mike said...

$10,000 , eh--sounds like a good deal to me.

Surely , someone in the Conservative party would cough one up for ten grand.

These guys have sold their souls for less.

A lot of good men & women have laid themselves down before Harper & given up every fibre of their moral being to appease the man who would be king---& the have done so for free.

Ten big ones must be mighty tempting.

Dr Mike Popovich

A lib no more said...

Hey wait a sec.

I just saw a video clip of Dion saying that parliament was dis functional.

So I guess it's Dion that thinks parliament is dis functional.

Oh my, All this time I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Is 10 big ones tempting to you Faux Dr Mikey eats anything?

Dr Mike said...

anonymous said...
Is 10 big ones tempting to you Faux Dr Mikey eats anything?

September 3, 2008 11:52 AM

Ummm .....Errrrrrr.

Maybe I am an idiot , but what does that post mean????

Dr Mike.

A Lib no more said...

Hey, wait a sec.

I just saw a Liberal MP criticize the Conservative Child Care Benefit and someone asked him why the Liberals did not fulfill their childcare election promises in 1993, 1997, 2000, and 2002.

The Liberal MP said, "that was then, this is now".

What ?????????????

Polyian said...

Seems the Con hacks are out to attack this blog with crap. I would like one of you trolls to explain why Flaherty is afraid to debate Brent on Income Trusts? There's a 50K scholarship attached to that debate. While you area at it, explain to me why you support tax policy based on 18 blacked out pages? Please explain why you support policy without transparency and accountability? And if you manage to wade through those issues, please explain Harper breaking his own election law that he put in place to prevent political opportunism...the same opportunism he is now taking by breaking his law.

The Shadow said...

I have a copy.

But I want $200,000.

A thousand bucks a page.

Not your measly 10 grand.

Brown bag, cash only, no 100's or 50's.

Drop it off in Ottawa at the corner of Wayne and Schuster. The building at the north east corner has an old milk box. Deposit the cash in the box and we will then contact you one week later to arrange delivery of the book.

Ohhhhhh, the secrets you will learn.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha the Shadow knows.......

the shadow said...

I forget to say that my name is Brian Mulroney, and I will be contributing that amount illegally to my buddy Harper's election campaign.

In to me, out to Harper.


Just don't tell Elections Canada.

a lib no more said...

Hey, wait a sec.

I just saw a video clip of Harper kissing Bush's ass.

And they were listening to Katie Perry's new song...

Steve kissed Bush ass and he liked it.
That taste of theocratic.

Steve kissed Bush ass and he liked it.
Hopes his poor wife don't mind it.

It felt so wrong; It felt so right.
It means that Steve's in love tonight.

a lib no more said...

Hey, wait a sec.

I just saw a CON MP criticize the Conservative income trust policy and someone asked him why Harper lied to Canadians in 2005 and 2006 and falsified their justification for implementing it.

The CON MP said, "that was then, this is now" and "Harper likes to SCREW average Canadians by advancing the interests of only foreign and wealthy people."

What ?????????????

haltonjohn said...

Maybe Loyola Hearn or David Emerson will take the $10,000 as a parting gift. What better way to tell the boss to ki$$ your A$$.

Robert Gibbs said...


If only that would be so.

Unfortunately, as we've seen umpteen times, no current CON MP 'evolved' with any integrity within his/her DNA.

Actually, I guess it should be phrased this way: no current CON MP was 'blessed' with any integrity by his/her Sky God.

Perhaps we could at least look forward to the two losers stating: "Take this job and shove it."