Thursday, September 4, 2008

Harper’s math: Three broken promises = three former cabinet ministers

There is a certain sinking ship feeling to HMS Harper these days, what with three Cabinet Ministers not seeking re-election. Curious that each of these three Cabinet Minsters is closely tied to one or other of Stephen Harper’s more epic betrayals/broken promise, as follows:

David Emerson: Minister of Foreign Affairs: The poster child for Harper’s hypocrisy against floor crossers (remember Harper’s pious outrage over Belinda Stronach?)

Loyola Hearn:
Fisheries Minister: The poster child for Harper’s epic betrayal known as the Atlantic Accord promise gone missing.

Monte Solberg: Human Resources Minister: The poster child and point man in the last election, as Harper’s Finance Critic, for the epic betrayal of a lifetime, the $35 billion income trust fraud premised on Mark Carney’s manufactured tax leakage epic nonsense.

There you have it. The rats are always the first to detect a sinking ship.


Robert Gibbs said...

And, it has been reported that scientists are now using Conservatives instead of rats in their laboratory experiments.

It seems that there are some things that rats just won't do.

Dr Mike said...

Jump Jimmy Jump---the rats are leaving the ship.

Oh oh , maybe Jim thinks he has more work to do.

That can`t be a good thing!!!!

Dr Mike Popovich.

richard said...

Solberg joins Myron Thompson and Art Hanger as two other ex Reformers, as being pious hypocrites for not representing either their constituents, or their Alberta based Energy Trusts. If even one of these so called gentlemen had the balls of Bill Casey, who quit this gang of Con Fascists Goofs over the Atlantic Accord screw over, then Lying Harper and his sidekick Flatulence would have never been able to pull off the income trust screwing. Solberg, Thompson and Hanger don't have the guts to face their constituents in this coming election. Piss on them all!