Friday, September 12, 2008

Harper's complete and utter economic hypocrisy

"Harper Vows to Loosen Foreign Investment Rules in Canada"

Well, this policy pronouncement is as hypocritical as they get.....and as politically inane as they come.

Harper and Flaherty argued that one of the reasons that they killed income trusts was because too many foreigners owned them and they only collected 15% withholding tax on the “distribution”. So Harper killed Canada’s best ever capital markets investment vehicle in order to do what? Have them acquired in LBOs with a mountain of debt. And to facilitate that outcome, they did what? Reduced the 15% withholding tax on “interest” to ZERO. Does the word hypocritical come to mind?

Now Harper is arguing that we must loosen foreign investment rules in Canada. The man is mad and reckless, or is he simply taking his instructions from the Boys at Teachers’ Providence Capital, Madison Dearborn and Merrill Lynch Capital Partners who simply want to punt BCE into a larger buying spare by eliminating foreign investment rules. So completes the entirety of my predictions of June 2007 as to what the ultimate sequence of events would be for BCE......and the rest of Canada.

Instead of flipping Canadian companies for profit, it’s time we flipped Harper out of office for a better tomorrow

Harper Vows to Loosen Foreign Investment Rules in Canada

By Theophilos Argitis and Alexandre Deslongchamps

Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) --


Anonymous said...

This is inane..With all Harper has done, why do they still want to put him in again? ..god help our country

goooooood girl said...

Feel good......

Dr Mike said...

Why Mr Harper , why????

What have you against good old Canadian investment??

What have you against us owning our own country??

World order is rearing it`s ugly head with Mr Harper pointing the way.

I , for one , am not ready to capitulate to this man`s vision of our country.

Vote ABC.

Dr mike popovich.