Sunday, September 7, 2008

Governor General aborts 4 late term by-elections, accedes to Harper's election whim

Government without due process, is not government for the people, but rather government circumventing the people.

The idea of the Governor General agreeing to terminate four by-elections, three of which were to be voted on tomorrow, for the sole purpose of masking the potentially negative political fallout to the Prime Minister, is the greatest abuse of democracy and due process that I have witnessed in this country.

Michaelle Jean has confirmed the vacuous nature of her role as keeper of the Royal Rubber Stamp. One would have thought her background would have better equipped her for this important moral decision. She did not rise to the occasion or to the non-partisanship of her appointed office as the Queen's representative. The Queen is dead. Long live King Harper. The Harper monarchy reigns supreme. Lesser people stand aside. Process means nothing, when we have an electorate to delude and scandals to hide.


penlan said...

Hear, hear! Couldn't have said it better myself.

A lib no more said...

She is a figurehead idiots.

That's all.

Are you ready to be slaughtered like pigs?

BTW, donate now to the libs. They need money for airplane fuel and carbon credits.



That's funny.

Dr Mike said...

A lib no more

Laughing in the face of a crumbling democracy is a sad commentary on your state of mind.

You are a representative of the party I supported for 37 years.

People like you have made my choice easier this time around.

I chose democracy over tyranny any day of the week.

Good bye Lib no more---you will soon be irrelevant.

Dr Mike Popovich.

RuralSandi said...

We all know that previously Harper didn't like the GG....well, well. It came out this morning, by Lloyd Robertson, that GG and Loreen are very good friends.

In fact, GG goes to Harrington Lake quite often and does nature trail hikes, etc. with Loreen Harper.

Harper sure knows how to use people.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that the GG allowed herself and her office to be politicized by Harper. She should have said NO and sent Harper back to parliament and our elected representatives should have made this decision with a non-confidence vote. She compromised her own personal integrity and that of her office. How embarrassing.

V said...

Another massive blow to democracy and the rule of law.

How long can Canadians be fooled by Harper's Stalinist dictatorial regime?

Think Canadians, before it's too late!