Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Did the Media Bosses fix the 2008 election outcome, like the RCMP did in 2006?

Re: Don Martin: Elizabeth May has received a blessing in disguise

Don Martin is missing the point entirely. I don’t think this matter is judged by “consolation prizes” of Don’s assessment. The ethical judgment call is whether Elizabeth May is better off by debating versus not debating. The issue is whether democracy is better off with all credible parties debating versus not allowing certain credible parties to debate.

We are the losers. Don misses this fundamental point. Andrew Coyne did not, in his piece of today “Democracy loses”.

Nothing about this is difficult to understand. The media may have fixed this election’s outcome in a way in which the RCMP did in 2006. They need to be stopped.

Don Martin
National Post

Short of a paralyzing October 14th blizzard featuring a guest appearance by freezing rain to underline the climate change message, the best news for Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s campaign so far was being kicked off the television debates.

Debate in that low-ratings shouting match and she’d be the afterthought -- the final paragraph of analysis, doomed to be a fifth leader overshadowed by pundits preoccupied with picking a winner between the Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion standoff.

But as the only national party leader kicked off the debate, undeservedly so in my view, she’ll be able to hold court before, during and after the debate as a media darling, shut out by a television consortium bullied into silence by the Harper Conservatives.

Sure she misses that introductory opportunity to wow Canadians who might be so disgusted with the national parties they turn green enough to cry ‘mayday’ and vote accordingly.

But the media love a victim. And because it was an unjust and unfair move by Big Television, she deserves and she’ll get kid-glove treatment.

There’s no debating the winner of the leader’s debate now. It’s Elizabeth May.


Lizt. said...

I think the media is responsible for dissing Dion, they continue, and in Quebec, they are making sure everything is done to get Harper his majority. Now, I here the Cons are using Mulroney's tricks to win seats.
God help us all!

Dr Mike said...

The vote splitting on the left could be a killer this election--Mr Harper controls the total Right vote--totally unopposed.

Harper won last election with 34% of the vote--only 70% of eligible voters did vote--as such he was elected with 20.6% of the eligible vote.

How incredible is that.

The overwhelming majority voted against Harper but he did still form the gov`t--this was all due to vote splitting.

The way things look this election , this split could be even more enhanced possibly giving Mr Harper a majority gov`t with about 24% of the eligible support.

Maybe it is time to unite the left or maybe it is time to change our system of electing officials.

The end result will be very interesting indeed , esp if Mr Harper gains absolute control.

Good luck to us all.

Dr mike Popovich.

Robert Gibbs said...

How hypocritical of the very media organizations that constitute the "consortium" and that kowtowed to CON & NDP threats of leaders' debate self-removal to then speak about the undemocratic decision as if it was made by some other "ethereal" entity.

Canada has truly become a Banana Republic.