Tuesday, September 2, 2008

If only Stephen Harper were a straight up guy

You’ve probably already seen the Stephen Harper TV ads that proclaim

“Stephen Harper is a straight up guy. He knows where he stands”

If Stephen Harper is such a straight up guy, then why did his party attempt to bribe Chuck Cadman?

If Stephen Harper is such a straight up guy, then why the taxpayer scam known as the In and Out scandal?

If Stephen Harper is such a straight up guy, then why the 200 page manual on how to obstruct Parliament?

Furthermore, it’s nice that Stephen Harper “knows where he stands”.

That said, would it be asking too much if he could please let us know where he stands.....BEFORE the fact and not AFTER the fact, this time around?

Did Harper know where he stood when he promised he would never raid seniors nest eggs? We only learned where he really stood when it was too late. $35 billion too late

Did Harper know where he stood when he promised he would commit himself to fixed election dates? We only learned where he really stood when it was too late. 4 By-elections too late

Did Harper know where he stood when he promised better consumer protection? We only learned where he really stood when it was too late. 12 Listeriosis deaths too late

The only thing “straight” about Stephen Harper is his ability to lie with a straight face.

Harper is anything but a straight up guy. It’s high time that Canadians let Harper know where we stand. We stand for democracy and good government. Harper stands for anything but.


Anonymous said...

The Conservative agenda:

Pro private healthcare
Pro war
Pro privatization and transfer of wealth to the already wealthy
Anti-culture and art
Pro fixed election dates
... or not so much

Haltonjohn said...

The "Cadman affair" is a none issue. The In and Out will be deemed as creative accounting.

As far as being dishonest, the Liberal take the cake.

You seem blindly unaware that Liberals depend on weak minded forgetful people like you for votes. Behind closed doors they call their voters suckers, easily manipulated, weak, uninformed.

Wake up, and grow up.

You are a blind looser.

And BTW, that's not my opinion. It is the Liberals opinion.


Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Fool me over and over and over.
Shame on me for being a liberal.

Luke said...

Cadman Affair is an issue. Just the thought of harassing Chuck Cadman during his battle with cancer is clearly unethical.

I guess Danny Williams knows where Harper stands on clawing back equalization payments from royalties on oil resource. Danny Williams had a signed agreement with Harper but received a kick in the groin.

Haltonjohn said...


Pull your head out of your a$$ so you can gather your thoughts.

Know body "harassed" Cadman. How childish are you ?? Sure the Cons met with him to try to persuade him to vote with them, but that's it.

If this is all you librons have to talk about then Harper is going to crush you.

So be it.

And BTW CAITI folks. Did you know that your hero Garth Turner supported and praised the I.T. changes. Of coarse he went on his little charade after the Cons got rid of him.

Read this, you have been swindled by Turner.


Garth Turner stood in the House of Commons and voted FOR the ways and means motion to implement the changes for Income Trusts! In fact, Turner said that the move was “necessary”, that income trusts were “unhealthy” and that the Minister of Finance was “right”. In fact, Turner even bragged on his blog that he had called for this action!


Garth Turner stood in the House of Commons and voted FOR the Conservative government’s income trust motion (Division No. 57, November 7th, 2006)
“As stated, reforming the trust business and stemming the tide of conversions is necessary for the long term health of the economy and to ensure the feds keep raking in corporate taxes” (www.garth.ca, November 6, 2006)

“My vote will have to reflect the fact that decades of income-splitting will more than compensate for one week’s investment losses. My vote will acknowledge that wholesale corporate conversions to trusts are unhealthy in those same years to come.” (www.garth.ca, November 6, 2006)

“Sure, I understand why the Finance guys were screaming for the trust tax. Too many new conversions. Lost tax revenues, Unfairness in corporate tax treatment. Money leaking to foreign investors. The threat of the banks morphing into trusts. The writing was on the wall, and I was the only Conservative to say so publicly, when BCE and Telus declared their intentions to convert into trusts. An income trust tax bomb was inevitable” (www.garth.ca, November 1, 2006)

“Did he do the right thing, and the right way? Well, this is just what I predicted in the media a couple of weeks ago, after Bell announced it would be morphing into a trust. It looked then like a death stroke was inevitable. And it came on Halloween. Flaherty was right to dump this on an unsuspecting nation, in order to keep the stock market carnage to one day or two and avoid a Goodale-type slow melt.” (www.garth.ca, October 31, 2006)

"The tax losses are now substantial," said Turner (Montreal Gazette, October 18, 2006)
"We find ourselves on the same slippery slope, unfortunately, that the Liberals were on, and I think we've been forced there by the corporate community," MP Turner said. "This now is an issue we're going to have to talk about," Turner said (Montreal Gazette, October 18, 2006)


Anonymous said...

If Stephen Harper is a straight-up guy then Canada are a bend-over country. How can a dishonest liar like Harper pull an election out of his A$$ a year before his fixed date and still be thought of as honest.

haltonjohn said...


Change of heart. I think I can now understand why Garth Turner changed his mind on trusts. He actually did some analysis unlike the rest of the lemmings that make up the CLOWNservative caucus.

Excuse my previous ignorant blindly partisan comment. I have no life and continuing my jihad against Turner fulfills the empty vacuum of my dismal life.

And I must admit that CAITI has been a constant thorn in the side of the CLOWNservativews which is why I am compelled to blow a gasket on their webpages once in a while.


haltonjohn said...

Harper isn't a straight-up guy. He's a straight-up dick. Canadians need to be careful when they bend over.

The real Haltonjohn said...

Very childish "Fake Haltonjohn".

Your fake posts at 2:37 and 2:46 tell me a lot about you. I can tell that you are an very angry little twit that has been easily fooled.

So Fake HJ, it's OK with you that Barf Turner changed his mind on I.T.'s or are you just in denial.

Ha ha ha, he laughs at you.


Well, we are used to Turner changing his mind. After all he has changed his mind on the GST cuts, the Childcare allowance, the I.T. changes, and many other things.

What a great leader he is.

Are you one of those fools that think the LIEberils will reverse the I.T. issues ??

BTW, My elderly parents are quite wealthy. They were advised early on, when the Libshits were in power to get rid of their I.T's and that is exactly what they did.

Have you every heard of Fred Ketchen ?? After the I.T. changes were made he said that the people that were still holding I.T's were foolish and poorly advised. He said that they should have gotten out of I.T's long ago.

You have got to pay attention you know. Don't play the fool with your money.

haltonjohn said...

Someone has hijacked my identity but thankfully not my personality! The fake Haltonjohn is a sad attention-seeking blogwhore who hides behind a keyboard like a cowering small-memebered coward.

Poor fellow.

Lets all say AHHHHH.

As the real haltonjohn I am happy to say I've turned a new leaf and now see the CLOWNservatives for what they are. Lead by Harper, the straight up dick.

haltonjohn said...

Haltonjohn here again.

I've now taken my second dose of anti-psychotic drugs and feel better right now.

Please disregard my 1st, 2nd and 5th posts, indicated with black headers, and refer only to my 3rd, 4th and 6th posts, indicated with blue headers.

My medication only works briefly, and the nurse was away while I typed those first comments.

Please be aware that, when I am in my proper state of mind, I truly and fully support CAITI and the millions of income trust investors who were devastatingly harmed by Harper and Flaherty.

The Conservatives are a despicable party and I fully support the Liberals, even though I am not allowed to vote, given my institutionalization owing to my fluctuating mental state.

I only hope my Sky God will take pity on me.

All the best.

haltonjohn said...

Haltonjohn here once more.

I thought I would share one more point, as just related to me by my nurse, before I go for electroshock therapy.

Apparently, she tells me, Stephen Harper has been taking Viagra, but is experiencing a most telling side-effect.

Instead of the intended efficacy of the medication on his private parts, the little blue pill - combined with his incessant lying - is actually causing his nose to grow even larger.

In medical terms, this is called the Pinocchio side-effect.

So please be careful out there with those little blue pills.

Many regards.

Haltonjohn said...

Pity the FAKE Haltonjohn that is posting at


It is obvious that you are incapable of normal blogger decorum and banter.

To bad,

So,,, bye.

Richard said...

Well said Brent!! Can we get your rebuttal to the HARPER BS advertisement up on some billboards, or into some TV and Radio spots? I'm putting it up on our community notice board.

haltonjohn said...

And by the way, if you need to induce vomiting after having eaten Stevie’s tainted meat products, come to the Conservative website.

haltonjohn said...

It's hard to believe I know. I've turned a new leaf. I see the CLOWNservatives for what they are and the top dick for what he is. The fake haltonjohn is gone, but depending on the strength of the drugs and the effectiveness of the treatment I can't guarantee I won't resurface and rear my ugly CLOWNservative head again.

Be sure to click on the link. From me to you Steve with hugs and kisses.

Anonymous said...

I thought I would take a gander at this blog but I can see you have a real idiot ruining the site.

To the impostor.

You may not agree with Haltonjohn but using his name for your own childish antics is uncalled for and reduces this blog to trash.

haltonjohn said...


Sorry, I had a relapse as "anonymous" at 6:56 PM.

Please forgive me, and bless you all.

Anonymous said...

If Stephen Harper is such a straight up guy, then why the 200 page manual on how to obstruct Parliament?

It's what I expected from the "Conservatives"..Weren't they called the "CRAP" party for a short period of time?

If Harper was a straight up guy, he would not have run in the first place.

randy said...

Fake HaltonJohn,

Why don't you try and prove th case for Jimmy. Since he can't do it, maybe someone like you could.

What do you say?

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