Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stephen Harper’s idea of a "Tax Fairness Plan":

Allow income splitting.........for the 14% of seniors with “eligible pension income” , and not the other 86% without?

Tax EBITDA at 31.5%.........if you are an income trust............6.2% if you are a corporation?

Tax public income trusts in RRSPs at 31.5%.........private income trusts in pension plans at 0%?

Restrict the growth of Canadians companies when owned by Canadians, but not when owned by foreigners?

Create $7 billion a year in tax leakage, where none previously existed?

Hold yourself to account with 18 pages of blacked out documents and explanations of “It’s not my fault” ?

Dupe the financially illiterate press.

Move on to next policy blunder in the making unencumbered by the press.....or the facts.

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Dr Mike said...

I also see that the Cons have lost the term "Tax leakage" & replaced it with "they were bad for economy".

The proof for either phrase appears to be non-existent.

Feeding the public spoonfuls of useless & untrue pap is a full time job.

It is too bad the public continues to devour this stuff like there is no tomorrow.

Unfortunately , a Conservative majority may mean just that.

Dr Mike.