Friday, September 12, 2008

Stephen Harper: Canada's leading expert on wreaking havoc

Rather than being guided by principles, Stephen Harper is merely guided by politics. Base politics at that.

Today we learn that Stephen Harper has resorted to cries of calamity as if to suggest the Liberal’s Green Shift will wreak havoc on the Canadian economy and if that weren’t implausible enough, he goes on to fear monger that Dion’s plan will undermine national unity. Harper would know, as he is the expert in both of these fields. The Liberals Green Plan when viewed in terms of the overall Canadian economy is equivalent to 1-2% of our overall economy. Meanwhile Canadians demand action on the environment. How can Canada’s economy be imperiled by the 1-2% which, at the margin, is at play? That is an implausibility.

Meanwhile Harper himself is Canada’s leading Wreaker of Havoc. His Blue Shaft policy on income trusts involved a growing and vibrant market that had profound social and competitiveness aspects associated with it that involved a "mere" 10% of the overall capitalization of the TSX?

The Blue Shaft led to a litany of negative outcomes that have only begun to work their highly corrosive way through our economy, starting with the $2 billion in lost annual tax revenue to Ottawa (soon to rise to $7.5 billion), loss of economic sovereignty , loss of jobs, loss of competitiveness, loss of investment choice and the loss of billions in Canadians’ hard earned savings.

On the question of national unity being possibly at play here, Harper himself is undermining the very basis of Canada’s unity with his proposed seat redistribution in Parliament that will see Ontario with 18 fewer seats that it would be entitled to under the principle of representation by population. Once again, on that matter, Harper reverts to politics and completely abandoning principles. Those who deign speak of principle, like Dalton McGuinty, are summarily denounced as the “Small man of Confederation.” To which my response would simply be “Well, if the shoe fits Mr Harper, then wear it.”

More of Stephen Harper’s endless stream of hypocritical rhetoric and politics through divisiveness.

So what are we observing at play here? Principles or Politics?

Provided the media gets its act together, this election will be all about Canada’s future, and whether our destiny will be governed by Dion’s Principles or Harper’s Politics? Time for a regime change, a term which best describes why Stephen Harper is the last politician in Canada where you would want to invest your vote.

Dion's green plan would 'wreak havoc'

In his sharpest attack yet, Harper says the Liberal environmental platform would destroy jobs and undermine national unity

Globe and Mail
September 12, 2008


Dr Mike said...

I have been a Conservative supporter for 37 years .

Never in those 37 years have I heard such a load of baloney from a sitting Prime Minister.

This guy is in the habit of spouting off without any proof.

Say it often enough & they will believe.

Income trusts cause tax leakage--say it a thousand times & that will make it so.

Until this guy starts telling the truth & quit acting like a school yard bully, it will be vote ABC.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Robert Gibbs said...

The gutters into which Harper will wade know no bounds.

And apparently some Canadians have renounced their 'duty' to forward thinking, informed, political choice.

The rubes have truly been fooled.

Robert Gibbs said...

dr mike said...

"Until this guy starts telling the truth & quit[s] acting like a school yard bully..."

Like that will happen in our lifetimes Mike.

thenonconformer said...

Conservative Family values.. too often still mere hypocrisy

First do at the ex conservative premier of ontario who slept with a women who was not even divorced yet from her husband.. when you talk about Conservatives preachign and living family values.

Secondly Conservatives undeniably seem to be just as much alcoholic now as the liberals and we all can readily know how bad fathers, mothers alcholics tend to be too still..

next >> let’s turn to what churches and religiously based organizations might say and do during the campaign.

Only a fool would deny the significant power that all Pastors have over the flock, adherents, and local persons..

it undeniably was western Canadian pastors who helped to start the Reform party and brought Stephen Harper Alliance Party eventually into power ( Alliance- short for Harper's Church the Christian Missionary Alliance church.....

and they these pastors still see no other alternative viable for them too

Now I myself had attended Stephen Harper's Christian Missionary Alliance church for 8 years and they were some of the biggest liars, hypocrites, big people abuesrs that I have personally met undeniable in the last 6 decades in Canada too.. they are the rich who abuse the poor people too.

Further more we all can easily know that Harper often lies, does not keep his promises too.

he Harper certainly is not a true evangelical, Biblical Christian for sure even if he says he is for by his own fruit you can tell what he is like.. True Evangelicals are abstainers and do not consume alcohol at all too.

Does he Harper have his alcoholic drinking buddies now still too?

an immoral conservative is as bad as an immoral liberal too.. Harper included