Monday, September 8, 2008

WE NEED Harper's political leisure

Good of Steve to hermetically seal this issue and punt it to March 2009

Two more listeriosis deaths confirmed, but no link yet to national outbreak

N.B. and Ottawa confirm two deaths Monday
Canwest News Service
Published: Monday, September 08, 2008

FREDERICTON - Two more deaths caused by listeriosis have been confirmed, but officials caution there's currently no link to the outbreak that has claimed 13 lives to date across the country.

One death was reported in New Brunswick and another in Ottawa.


Frankly Canadian said...

We had one here in Kelowna today, not completely confirmed but more than probable. When will Steven Harpers Conservative government be held accountable for anything?

Robert Gibbs said...

The only outbreak Harper gives a damn about is obtaining a majority dictatorship.

"Pay no attention to that leaked document about our reduced meat inspections. No answers here. Move on."

Canadians are just BSE cattle in our power plume.

kursk said...

Yes, don't blame the many, many supposed 'cleaners' who refused to deep sterilize the slicing machines (some because of their aversion to meat products due to their religion..), or the plant foremen who neglected to enforce the rigid cleaning regime , or the plant inspectors, or the regional inspectors in charge of them....

It's all Harper's fault, right?

Scott Tribe said...

Its his government that out in place regulations that has caused government health inspectors to be studying more paperwork then they are meat.. and worse, he WANTS more self-policing industry inspection, not less.

It has Walkerton written all over it.

penlan said...

Well, we know what happens with this govt.'s "internal investigations". Nada. They take ZERO responsibilty for anything negative. Let's hope they do not have the chance to investigate this nightmare. And that it's the Libs who do the investigating - immediately after being elected!

A lib no more said...


Maple Leaf Foods, a hundred year old company with a great brand name was just waiting for the opportunity to allow deadly bacteria to form deep inside slicing machines just so that they could poison and kill people.

Sounds like a great business plan.

What's next for this blog,

-UFOs landing in Ottawa.
-Sasquatch in BC want to vote.
-Elvis lives and votes in Canada.