Monday, September 15, 2008

Harper's broken promise of the day for Sept 15th Harper mints new promises to break

September 15, 2008

Conservative Platform Promise of the Day....broken:

Capital Gains Tax

"Eliminate the capital gains tax for individuals on the sale of assets when the proceeds are reinvested within six months. Canadians who invest, or inherit cottages or family heirlooms, should be able to sell those assets and plough their profits back into the economy without taking a tax hit." ("Stand Up For Canada," Conservative Party of Canada Federal Election Platform 2006, p. 16)


Dr Mike said...


Another Conservative promise for the Canadian investor down the drain.

Why is it only Canadian investors who get the shaft??

Why have they decreased taxes for outsiders to own Canadian investments , yet they will increase the trust tax for Canadians in 2011??

Why do these people find it necessary to discourage the Mom & Pop investors while encouraging big Business investment.

I guess it all comes down to Mr Harper`s vision for Canada & the rest of the world.

It appears that world order does not include the regular guy on the street.

Thanks again.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Robert Gibbs said...

Harper's Dictatorship & Propaganda Machine

Conservative Messages Undergo 'Severe' Editing

'New quotes' even added to better reflect Harper's stance, documents reveal

Margaret Munro, Canwest News Service

Published: Monday, September 15, 2008

The Privy Council Office has such strict control over the Harper government's messaging that it pre-approves and revises comments attributed to federal ministers, does "severe" edits on departmental press releases and even vets words that are to come out of the mouths of university officials, according to documents obtained by Canwest News Service.

The Privy Council Office and the industry minister's office pre-approved comments by Joanne Keselman, vice-president of research at the University of Manitoba, about a government-funded Arctic project, according to the documents obtained under access to information.

"Her speaking points include messages about IPY (the International Polar Year) and NSERC (a federal funding council) and this is why they required formal approval by MO (the minister's office) and PCO (Privy Council Office)," Odette Boudreau, a senior communications adviser at Industry Canada, noted in an e-mail to her colleagues orchestrating the "official launch" of the project last July.

The July 11, 2007, launch of the Arctic project was billed as a joint event between "Canada's new government" and the University of Manitoba, where the project's lead scientists are based.

Treasury Board President Vic Toews and several federal bureaucrats were in Winnipeg to announce more than $20 million in federal funding for a project that stationed the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker CCGS Amundsen in the western Arctic last winter so researchers could study how changing climate is affecting the ocean ecosystem and shrinking ice cover.

The documents show the media release and background documents handed out were massaged by several officials and communications officers in the departments of Industry and Fisheries and Oceans. Then they were forwarded to the Privy Council Office where senior analyst Kevin Mills did what he called a "severe edit" on the release.

Much of the information about the scientists and project was cut, but the names of three ministers -- Mr. Toews, Maxime Bernier, who was industry minister at the time, and Fisheries and Oceans Minister Loyola Hearn were retained.

Mr. Mills then asked for "new quotes" to be attributed to Mr. Toews and Mr. Bernier. "One comment I received is that the ministerial quotes do not reflect the comments the PM has made in speeches on the north," Mr. Mills advised Jennifer Davies at Fisheries and Oceans. She and Ms. Boudreau came up with new lines for their ministers.

The documents show Ms. Davies and Ms. Boudreau repeatedly revising quotes that were cleared by their ministers' office, then sent to different "analysts" in Privy Council Office for approval. It is not clear whether the ministers had input into what they were eventually quoted as saying.

© The Ottawa Citizen 2008

Robert Gibbs said...

Sparrow Will Stop At Nothing

The London Free Press
By Chip Martin

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ryan Sparrow, the Conservative communications chief who made headlines in Ottawa last week, did his best to help shape headlines not so long ago in London.

Sparrow worked behind the scenes to make former mayor Dianne Haskett the Conservative member for London-North-Centre. He had trouble in that job, too.

It's all been part of the job for the political operative who has been described as so loyal to Prime Minister Stephen Harper that he'd take a bullet for him.

Sparrow, 26, will do anything to advance the cause of his party and his leader.

But last week he went too far in remarks he made about the father of a Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan. Sparrow said the father was a Liberal supporter, suggesting the father being upset about Harper wanting to end the Afghanistan mission in 2011 was perhaps understandable.

Sparrow caused a furor, embarrassed his party and angered his leader, who said the remark was "unacceptable." Sparrow was suspended from his duties for the balance of the election campaign. He apologized to the soldier's father.

On top of the puffin-poop Conservatives applied to Liberal Leader Stephane Dion's shoulder in an advertisement, the incident showed the sort of stunts the Conservative pit bulls use to advance their cause.

Sparrow will be remembered for slamming a hotel door in the faces of unwanted journalists back in April at a briefing session limited to reporters the Conservatives deemed sympathetic to them. If there was a dirty job to do, Sparrow was more than willing to it.

London saw plenty of Sparrow during the November 2006 byelection, prompted by the resignation of Liberal Joe Fontana in London-North-Centre.

The Conservatives saw the departure of the region's senior Liberal MP as an ideal opportunity to capture a seat in London.

Federal operatives, you may recall, helped nudge aside another candidate and orchestrated the nomination of Haskett as the Conservative candidate.

Elected twice as mayor, Haskett had the appropriate right-of-centre views and appeal to Christian fundamentalists that appealed to the tall foreheads at Conservative party headquarters. Heck, she had even been fined by the Ontario Human Rights Commission for her steadfast refusal to issue a gay rights proclamation.

Sparrow was picked to oversee Haskett and ensure the former mayor, who made a hasty return from Washington to contest the race, didn't get out of line.

This was a tall order because Haskett, a bright and rather spontaneous individual, had been known to speak her mind, a trait that endeared her to supporters but could enrage her opponents.

Sparrow arrived to ensure the orderly transition of London-North-Centre from the Liberal camp to the Conservatives.

Driving a gus-guzzling SUV with Alberta plates, Sparrow went about his London assignment with vigour. He inserted himself between Haskett and reporters with whom she'd had an easy rapport during her time as mayor. He wanted to vet questions, brief the candidate and help craft her answers.

It was obvious Haskett chafed at the level of control that was placed on her. And it's doubtful she ever knew of Sparrow's highly partisan e-mails that went out to reporters behind the scenes slagging her rivals and their campaign teams. Haskett would never have approved of Sparrow's bag of dirty tricks and smear tactics.

In the end, Liberal Glen Pearson won the byelection. Green party Leader Elizabeth May, seeking the first seat for a Green, placed second. Haskett, shaken and unhappy at losing her first campaign, placed third in the race and soon afterward returned to Washington.

Sparrow packed up and headed back to Ottawa to take on any assignment that might come his way.

The loyal Tory attack dog just kept climbing up the party ladder.

The incident last week tells much about Ryan Sparrow. But also about the people who gave him increasingly important responsibilities.

Dr Mike said...


Their lips were moving & even THEY were surprised at what came out.

Got to love the Harper boys , not one original thought.

Dr Mike.

Robert Gibbs said...

More CON Pretzel Logic

Mayencourt's Tax Stand Questioned

Candidate for federal Conservatives supports Campbell's carbon levy, but not Dion's

Jonathan Fowlie, Vancouver Sun

Published: Monday, September 15, 2008

VICTORIA -- In switching from provincial to federal politics, Lorne Mayencourt has gone from a party that unapologetically embraces the idea of a carbon tax to one that vehemently opposes it.