Friday, September 26, 2008

Harper’s trust policy related buyouts total $108 billion

Tax losses equal $2 billion a year. Job losses: 2500

In these uncertain economic times, there is only one thing that is certain. We can’t afford to have Stephen Harper at the helm of our economic ship of state. The best example of his complete incompetence and ineptitude on fiscal matters is his income trust tax. First he falsified his rationale for his policy flip flop. Income trusts do not cause tax leakage. Jim Flaherty manufactured the government’s tax leakage claims. Meanwhile Stephen Harper’s policy has, itself, created tax leakage.

This is proof of Stephen Harper’s economic negligence. He caused the very problem he professed he was going to solve. Outcomes don’t get worse than that. Stephen Harper: Mr. 180 Man.

If Stephen Harper has a different viewpoint about whether income trusts cause tax leakage, then I challenge him to produce his proof of tax leakage? He did claim that he was going to usher in a new era of accountability and transparency, did he not? Where is it?

In two short years Harper’s ineptitude has caused $108 billion in trust policy takeovers and 2,500 job losses, as follows:

58 trust takeovers amounting to $56.8 billion in value
BCE takeover amounting to $52 billion in value and causing 2,500 firings

Total Policy related takeovers: $108 billion
Total Policy related takeovers: $2 billion a year, potentially grwoing to $7 billion a year
Total Policy related job losses: 2,500
Losses sustained by Canadians saving for retirement: $35 billion

Stephen Harper is a Sub Prime Prime Minister. Jim Flaherty, The Asset Backed Commercial Paper Minister of Finance. A dangerous duo indeed and a sure fire way to destroy Canada’s economic future if re-elected.

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Dr Mike said...

Lost retirement savings .... 35 billion dollars.

Lost tax revenue for Canadians .... 2 billion dollars.

The potential loss of Harper & Flaherty in the present election .... Priceless!!!!

Dr Mike Popovich.