Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Harper renews his commitment to the internal combustion engine

You’ve all heard of the use of “just in time” inventory management that revolutionized the car we have Harper using tax payer money to fund “just in time” pork barrel politics.

Why was this money not forthcoming a year ago when it would have done the most good, if it makes such good sense today? Flaherty himself turned this very investment Ford Essex Engine Plant down cold, on the basis that government isn’t very good at picking winners from losers. Flaherty would know. Let’s hope the electorate is more adept at picking winners from losers this time around.

Ottawa gives Ford plant a boost


Globe and Mail Update

September 3, 2008 at 2:22 PM EDT

WINDSOR, ONT. — Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Wednesday that Ottawa will give Ford Motor Co. of Canada up to $80-million in assistance to help it produce more fuel-efficient engines at a once-mothballed Windsor plant.

The pre-election aid is the first direct cash the Conservatives have given to auto makers since taking power and is a bid to quell charges they have done little to salve the pain being felt by Ontario's battered manufacturing sector.

The campaign-style announcement also helps shore up support for Tory candidates in the Windsor area including area MP Jeff Watson.

Forget Ford, here's Harper's real automotive manufacturing strategy

Federal Bus Purchase a Travesty, Desnoyers Says

July 27, 2007

Federal government plans to purchase up to 30 buses from a European company rather than a Canadian manufacturer is a travesty that will mean more hardship for Canadian workers, families and their communities, CAW Quebec Director Luc Desnoyers says.

Public Works Minister Michael Fortier is defending the federal government’s decision to select a German bus maker over two Canadian firms, including Quebec’s Prevost Car Inc. Fortier claims the federal government will save money by purchasing buses from Germany. CAW Local 911 represents workers at Prevost.

Desnoyers said Quebec manufacturing has been hard hit by the rise in the value of the Canadian dollar compared to the U.S., unfair trade agreements and the lack of federal government action to protect manufacturing jobs.

“This latest decision is a travesty for Quebec workers. The awarding of this bus contract to Prevost would have meant up to 60 laid off workers were called back as well as greater security for hundreds of other workers,” Desnoyers said. “The government’s decision doesn’t take into account the loss in tax revenues, lost wages within the community or the social impact on workers and their families.”

Since the beginning of 2007, Quebec has lost 43,500 manufacturing jobs, according to Statistics Canada. The CAW has launched a “Manufacturing Matters” campaign, part of which calls for governments to buy Canadian-made products.

The Department of National Defence says it needs up to 30 buses over the next three years to transport military personnel between bases


Dr Mike said...

Hey Mr Harper , where is our handout??

Our car plant in Talbotville is down to 1 shift from 3 & will go the way of the Dodo bird if there is not a cash infusion.

I realize Jumpin Jimmy has already told us we will be getting nothing , zip , diddly squat & nada cent--but it appears maybe Jim misspoke when he said it was curtains for Ontario.

Wait a minute , you are not pulling our legs here are you.

Surely , this is not just an election ploy like you did with the promise not to tax income trusts.

Surely to God not.

Your tax on trusts was perhaps the cruelest move I have ever seen in Canadian politics & that is saying something.

I am sure you did learn your lesson in that case & would not be making idle promises you do not intend to keep.

Remember Mr Harper, that is "Talbotville".

We will be waiting.

Dr Mike Popovich.

CAITI said...

Dear PM: Did it not occur to you that your $300 million vanity election could fund 3.75 Essex Plant Start Ups?

I guess math is not Harper’s strong suit. Maybe that’s how he got duped by Mark Carney’s manufactured tax leakage canard......which to date has caused $2 billion in real annual tax leakage.....that could fund 25 Essex Plant start-ups EACH AND EVERY YEAR, and not just one during Harper’s cycle of fixed elections?