Friday, September 5, 2008

Remind me again....who's calling this election?

MacKay hopes election won't fuel Taliban

Canadian Press

September 5, 2008 at 1:40 PM EDT

HALIFAX — Defence Minister Peter MacKay says he hopes the Taliban doesn't use a federal election campaign to step up attacks on Canadian Forces in southern Afghanistan.

During a stop at a military trade show in Halifax on Friday, Mr. MacKay was asked whether he thought the Taliban would target Canada's military in an attempt to influence the election outcome.

“I sure hope not,” he said. “All I can tell you is the challenge is there, it's real. We've seen the tactics of the Taliban. ... Their tactics know no bounds, know no rules of engagement.”

He said the government is aware the Taliban is not just “living in caves and attacking soldiers” and is informed about what is happening in Canada and other parts of the world through the Internet, which also helps them wage their own propaganda war.

“We're mindful of that, we're not deterred by the intimidation and we're going to continue our important work there to the benefit of the Afghan people,” he said.

Mr. MacKay said the government remains committed to the military mission, despite a recent poll that suggested 61 per cent of Canadians believe the cost in lives and money is too high.

The minister said he doesn't share the same view and believes it's important to be part of a global effort to combat terrorism to ensure safety at home and a better life for the Afghan people.

“It's been a priority for us ... Canadians are a reliable ally. When the world comes to our door, we respond.”

However, he said it was clear from recent attacks that the flood of weapons and insurgents into Afghanistan is making for “an extremely challenging mission.”

Three more Canadian soldiers were killed in an ambush on Wednesday, bringing the mission's death toll to 96 since 2002.

The Conservative government has committed Canada's troops to duty in Kandahar until 2011.


Friend said...

Thank goodness that the Conservatives are running the show.

If the liberals were, it would be us that would be running.

Oh ya,,,

Oil shares anyone ??????

Oh that's right. Sorry. You guys all lost your money by not paying attention and or getting poor advice.

Imagine that. I wonder why the advisers I know got all their clients out of I.T.s and into better, more stable, less controversial investments? Hu.

Robert Gibbs said...

Surely CON Pimp Pete was actually referring to the Conservative party when he said:

"Their tactics know no bounds, know no rules of engagement.”

Now, go back to your scripted talking points, Pete.

Good boy.

Seek Help My Friend said...

Dear friend:

Thank you ever so much again for your truly "enlightened" point of view.

I am saddened though that you have not sought treatment for your Autism and ADHD.

For the sake of your own mental health, please speak to your parents about consulting a well-respected psychoanalyst.

In Canada, you still have options, and so may yet become a productive member of society.

Good luck, and all my best.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's right. Sorry. You guys all lost your money by not paying attention and or getting poor advice.

Hey Friend,

You're right. I thought our current scumbag PM was good for his word when he said he would protect Seniors and not put more taxation on ITs.

Trick me once shame on me...?

Anyways won't happen again. Steve has made a lot of motivated enemies during his reign of terror.

Time to rid Canada of this CLOWNservative pestilence.

Dr Mike said...


You need to get some new lines.

It was stale yesterday , it is even more so today.

What`s your real name so we can help you out.

Dr Mike Popovich--Rodney Ont.

escapegoat said...

He's just bracing for the psychological "100 dead soldiers" number that will more than likely appear mid campaign.

Kinda hard to spin out of that one, except demonize the "ememy."