Friday, September 26, 2008

Harper denigrates certain Canadians to ingratiate himself with others

...............purely for political advantage.

Stephen Harper represents the worst possible type of “leadership”. His concept of leadership is to create tensions amongst various sub-groups of Canadians and to exploit it for his own political advantage. Subgroups of his own definition.

Stephen Harper is an embarrassment to Canada and to Canadian values.

Why do you suppose the Conservative party is profiling voters in every riding of Canada on the basis of race, ethnicity and religion? To bring them closer together or to exploit their differences?

This profile, exploit and divide strategy of Stephen Harper had been evidenced on a number of occasions.

Why do you suppose he weighed in on the matter of whether women could wear burkas while voting, when he was half way around the world in Australia? Because he wanted to bring social harmony and greater voter freedoms to our country. Or because he wanted to inflame xenophobia amongst Canadians for his own sad political advantage?

Why do you suppose Harper cut $47 million in funding to the arts community? Because he thought $47 million was about to break the bank? If so, why didn’t he cut the $17 million grant to Red Wilson’s pet project, the Historica Foundation at the same time? Oh right, Red Wilson is millionaire CEO is not an artist, or a person in need. You see, Harper’s cuts to the arts had nothing to do with the fiscal aspect of that move, but everything to do with marginalizing artists in the middle of an election in order to empower his myopic xenophobic divide and conquer “base”.

That base needs to think twice about Harper. He is as apt to turn on them as he is willing to exploit others. The income trust investor knows this only too well. One minute (ie the 2006 election), income trusts investors are treated like Stephen Harper’s favorite cat and then the next minute (after an exercise in fear mongering and the faux crisis of BCE, orchestrated by the CCCE), Stephen Harper treats these income trust investors like they are mangy disease infected alley cats deserving of a quick boot to the groin.

Note: Those to whom Harper is presently pandering, you could be next. Will be next?

Stephen Harper: Anything but a leader. An exploiter. An exploiter with no morals. Someone representative of the worst of Canadian values. Just ask Margaret Atwood.


Dr Mike said...

Run kitty run , before it is too late!!

The sweater-man cannot be trusted.

If he promised you that your food supply will last forever , then 9 months may be your limit.

Catnip for everyone means only that for a select few.

A mouse in every pot , that is as long as your name is Delmousetro.

If your fur is too long or too short or of the wrong color & place of origin , the jig could be up.

If you like music & a good play , then you are SOL.

Hey & once you get old , it will be the scrap heap for you.

So run kitty run before it is too late because this man is not what he seems.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Luke said...

Harper is playing politics of fear with his tough on crime rant. By targeting young offenders he has demonized all young people. People will see young kids outside on the streets or wherever and jump to an assumption that those kids are dangerous.
Does Harper care? No, kids can’t vote.