Monday, September 15, 2008

Etch a sketch Harper

Charles Adler: Albertans expect Stephen Harper to obey his own laws

Charles Adler: ''Harper was treating Canadian law like an old "etch-a-sketch," just shaking it up and changing it on a whim.''


Robert Gibbs said...

Unbelievably, Albertans and other rubes are still in favour of a Mugabe-style, fascist, theocratic dictator with delusions of grandeur - the Harper 'cult of personality', if you will - with "potted plant" MPs as his disciples.

Or, as others have stated, Albertans would vote for a 'sock puppet' so long as you stamped a "C" on it.

Robert Gibbs said...

Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams’ newly launched Anything But Conservative website.

You've got to applaud Danny Williams for this excellent and impressive effort!

A premier with the balls to tell it like it is!

Here's hoping it has the intended effect - countrywide!

Robert Gibbs said...

May I suggest that all income trust investors send an e-mail or letter to Premier Danny Williams, praising him for his efforts in regards to his new website as noted in the previous comment.

See sample e-mail/letter below.

September 16, 2008

Dear Mr. Danny Williams:

I would just like to offer my personal gratitude to you and your government of Newfoundland and Labrador for this excellent and impressive effort.

Please forgive the blatant accolades, but you are truly one of a kind and the only Canadian premier with the mettle to tell it like it is.

As a fellow Canadian from Ontario who has also been a victim of one of Stephen Harper's broken promises - specifically the one concerning income trusts - I soundly applaud and wholeheartedly support your determination concerning this matter.

Here's hoping it has the intended effect - countrywide!

Many regards and thank you.


Robert Gibbs

Dr Mike said...

Way to go Chuck!!

Surprised me with that one.

Dr Mike Popovich.