Friday, September 5, 2008

Stephen Harper is like the contractor from hell

Most people think hiring a contractor to perform home improvements is the easy hands-off way to improve their lives and living conditions.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work. In theory at least.

Often hiring a contractor is a nightmarish experience for many people.

Think of Stephen Harper as just such an experience. Stephen Harper, the Roofing Contractor from Hell got himself all worked into a tizzy when BCE and Telus announced they were going to convert to trusts, not realizing that Ottawa would collect more taxes than before.

Harper, the rube that he is, totally bought the line from ex Goldman Sachs investment banker Mark Carney that income trusts cause tax leakage.

Panicked by that notion, Harper brought in his wrecking crew in the form of Jim Flaherty, who said he could fix that (non-existent) leak by installing a new set of shingles.

Turns out Jim knew nothing about the task at hand. He's an insurance litigator for chrikey's sake. He installed the shingles upside down and top to bottom. Jim only succeeded in creating a massive tax leakage leak where none existed beforehand. His trust tax has caused over $90 billion in trust tax related takeovers, that in turn have resulted in the loss of over $2 billion in ANNUAL tax revenue to Ottawa, each and every year.

Drip. Drip. Drip. The contractor from hell works here.

Apparently this Harper guy is looking to renew his contract, even before its expiry date. That alone must tell you something something’s decidedly fishy.

Harper is a contractor you wouldn't even recommend to your worst enemy.


Robert Gibbs said...

It seems Dim Jim also fancies himself a doctor.

After learning that Stevie could never "satisfy" Laureen, Dim Jim prescribed Viagra to Stevie, but with Stevie's incessant lies, Stevie got a big "boner' on his nose instead.

And now, in another clear case of "conflict of interest", Dim Jim will be representing Stevie in another one of Stevie's mischievous lawsuits against Jim Flaherty, MD.

The legal and medical professions are abuzz!

Dr Mike said...

As I see it , this country has been inflicted with Harper Flaherty Shortsightedness Disease , HFSD for short.

A terrible affliction that renders a country almost helpless.

It affects mainly the elderly & those investors who believed a Campaigning future Prime Minister when he made promises not to tax income trusts.

It is a disease of the innocent--those who do not deserve it.

The only cure for such an affliction is the removal of the cause-- Mr Harper & Mr Flaherty.

Time to do some choppin.

Dr Mike Popovich.