Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jim Flaherty's double standard: Do as I say, not as I do.

At the time of Canada’s rising dollar, Jim Flaherty was the one who opportunistically began preaching to Canadians and telling them to “shop around” for the best bargain on things like Harry Potter books.

As if Canadians needed to be told that.

Jim tried (unsuccessfully) to position himself as “Captain Consumer” behind his podium that read “Standing up for Consumers”.

A few weeks later (see article below entitled “Flaherty grilled over untendered contracts”) we learned Jim wasn’t even following his own advice. Why am I not surprised?

Not only doesn’t Flaherty shop around, he breaks the laws of the Government of Canada, by not tendering contracts in excess of $100,000 in order for Ottawa to receive the best price and to “Stand up for Taxpayers”.

Not only does Jim not follow his advice of “shop around”, he handed a $122,000 contract to his buddy Hugh MacPhie.........$122,000? Thereby breaking the law. Meanwhile what is Dan Miles, as Flaherty’s Communications Director, being paid to do? Flaherty already had a Communications Director and Ministerial Staff. Can’t Flaherty write his own speeches? Why was Hugh MacPhie even required? To compensate for past favours?

Wasn’t Jim Flaherty the one who is famous for saying we must “level the playing field”? Evidently that expression means one set of rules for us. Another set of rules for Jim. Why would anyone vote for this kind of an arrangement with their MP?

Meanwhile, at about the same time as this was going on, Jim was trash talking Ontario and referred to any investments in GM and Ford as being “band-aid” and “ad hoc” solutions and not worthy of his support. Now Jim’s writing articles in this weeks’ Whitby this Week claiming to be supportive of the auto industry? The facts are otherwise. Of course Jim claims to be supportive of the very things he stood in the way of, simply because Jim wants people’s vote. Jim will stoop to anything to get it, even revisionist history.

Sorry Jim, we haven’t lost our memory. Nor has the CAW. The CAW’s voting advice for its members in Whitby-Oshawa is ABF. Anybody but Flaherty. What the CAW probably means is that Whitby-Oshawa voters should vote strategically and consolidate their votes with the candidate most likely to see Jim go packing and return his practice of insurance litigation law. Law? Aren’t laws meant to be respected?

Flaherty grilled over untendered contracts
David Akin, Canwest News Service
Published: Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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Dr Mike said...

I don`t quite understand what is going on here.

Flaherty`s past record in Ontario as a fiscal mismanagement expert should doom him to a life running behind an ambulance & not a return to office.

This guy has the financial acumen of a snail & he should be relegated to a dung heap out behind a barn somewhere in Southern Ontario.

It never ceases to amaze me , what garbage Canadians will put up with .

Dr Mike Popovich.