Sunday, September 28, 2008

'Give Flaherty the Boot' Campaign Comes to Brampton

BRAMPTON, ON, Sept. 28 /CNW/ - Workers will be demonstrating and collecting old work boots outside of Conservative candidate Parm Gill's campaign office on Monday at 1 p.m. in effort to highlight the Conservative government's inaction on manufacturing job loss and a sinking economy.\

Give Flaherty the Boot comes to Brampton
Monday, September 29, 2008 at 1 p.m.
Royal Crest Mall -50 Kennedy Road South*
Brampton, Ontario

*The group will then be walking over to Parm Gill's campaign office
located at 96 Kennedy Road South.

The boots will be traveling to Whitby where they will be presented to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on October 6 at 11 a.m. The 'Give Flaherty the Boot' campaign began in Windsor, where thousands of jobs have been lost since Stephen Harper took over as Prime Minister and Jim Flaherty as Finance Minister in January 2006.

Hundreds of pairs of boots have already been collected, each with their own personalized tag signed by their previous owner. Boots are also being collected in Oakville, Chatham, Oshawa, Toronto and Kitchener.

For further information: please contact CAW Communications, Shannon Devine, (cell) (416) 302-1699; or Event Co-ordinator Motilall Sarjoo (Sarj), (cell) (416) 709-6352


FredM said...

I don't get these c.a.w union people. Did they for get that Ontario is ran by liberal government that refuses to lower some of the highest business taxes in Canada? Do they forget that the Ontario liberals inherited a rich province, and yet even after hitting Ontario with the highest tax raise ever, it is now almost a "have not province". Yet is is still 100% Harpers fault. These articles, blogs, and wining is nothing but partisan crap. Maybe

Anonymous said...

I love this stuff I wish there was more.. I live in this riding, I'm going down to show my support.

WesternGrit said...

Fred M obviously doesn't seem to be rooted in reality... Based on the infrastructure required to support its manufacturing, Ontario's taxes are in line with other provinces. Idiots like Harper like to compare Ontario with Alberta. Any moron could be premier in a province like AB... with oil literally spewing out of the ground... With resource revenues like that, it's actually a crying shame that AB doesn't have the services and infrastructure that Ontario has - or the standard of living. Where are the schools in AB? Why are hospitals being closed in AB? What's going on with the roads? Why is drug abuse and domestic abuse climbing at the highest levels in Canada in AB? Why is Calgary the hate crime capital of Canada?

Bottom line is (you may have guessed I lived in AB) the people of Ontario have chosen "quality of life" matters and infrastructure, and were not "gifted" with the billions of royalties from the chance occurrence of one natural resource that happens to be "very popular" right now... They have also been a manufacturing based economy stuck in a North American manufacturing decline.

The new green economy will be a huge benefit to Ontario - based on the growth of Canadian areas of expertise...

Dr Mike said...

Fred M said : " Do they forget that the Ontario liberals inherited a rich province".

Ooops Fred , you forgot to mention that the Liberals also inherited a $5.6 billion dollar deficit that was hidden by the illustrious Jim Flaherty.

For that alone , he should receive the boot.

Dr Mike Popovich--former life-long Conservative from Ontario.

FredM said...

You guys are so pathetically partisan, its actually hilarious, everything in Ontario is Harpers fault. When the wind blows in the wrong direction do you guys shake your fist in the air and curse Harper.

Dr Mike said...

No Fred ----do you think we should??

Dr Mike.