Thursday, September 4, 2008

Maclean’s Andrew Coyne calls Harper a “dodger” on CBC’s The National At Issue Panel

Citing four things:

Fixed Election Promise Dodger
Emerson Floor crossing Dodger
Atlantic Accord Promise Dodger
Income Trust Promise Dodger


Northern PoV said...

this is a great re-packing of the litany of Harper abuses
Lets hope it catches on!

Robert Gibbs said...

Deceivin' Stephen's also been dodging election spending limits with all his ever so warm and fuzzy TV ads prior to the writ being dropped.

Way to play by the rules Stevie.

I think Stevie's going through a sex change operation.

He’s such a girlie man.

Hahahahahahaha... said...

Poor Robert is full of envy and is jealous that his liar libs can't even afford to run adds with the big boys. Awwwwwww.

Maybe if supporters like you and the Lib MP's were to contribute some money, then maybe the libs would have some to spend. Duh!

Imagine,,, that a large majority of Lib MP's have not donated one penny to their own party. Well, I guess they are waiting for saps like you to do it.

BTW, Only idiots would actually believe that they will change anything re the Income Trust situation. They will lie to you for votes because that's what they do, but in private the Libs will tell you that Harper did what they wanted to do but were to chicken to do it.

Isn't it great to have a strong decisive leader. Oh, I guess not. Especially when you ignore financial advice to get out of I.T.'s. For Christ sake fools, the writing was on the wall.

I got out.
My parents got out.
and my Scotia Mcleod adviser tells me that he got ALL of his other clients out.

Not only that, your hero Garth Turner, knew the changes were just a reality. That was until he got the boot for being an idiot.

PS, your hero Garth Turner was told to leave the Libron meetings the other day. They wanted to be rid of him so he would not make a scene about the changes to The Shaft. Apparently he got mad and started to freak out.

Oh, to be a Libidiot.

Anonymous said...

Hey hahaha. I would like to know what inside information your friend at Scotia McLeod advisor was given to make that call. Maybe the RCMP and OSC can get out of their offices and do some investigating into the people who lobbied to get rid of the trusts. BTW, what is the name of the Scotia guy. I would like to give him a call.

Dr Mike said...


Another new name.

Same old rhetoric.


Dr Mike Popovich.