Thursday, September 4, 2008

Monte Solberg, main promulgator of Harper's income trust lie in last election, isn't running for re-election

3 Canada Cabinet Ministers Won't Seek Re-Election

OTTAWA (Dow Jones)--Three Canadian Cabinet ministers won't contest in the
upcoming federal election, including Foreign Minister David Emerson, the
Conservative Party said in a statement Thursday.

Emerson, who was previously International Trade Minister, won the January 2006
election as a Liberal candidate in the Vancouver-Kingsway electoral district in
British Columbia but switched to the Conservatives.

Human Resources Minister Monte Solberg and Fisheries and Oceans Minister
Loyola Hearn also won't seek re-election. They represent electoral districts in
Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador, respectively.

The statement said all three will have "prominent roles" in the upcoming
election campaign.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will on Sunday call an election for Oct. 14,
according to media reports.

-Nirmala Menon, Dow Jones Newswires; 613-237-0668;


Polyian said...

I think Monty actually believed in his crusade to protect seniors investments in Income Trusts. I think Monty actually believed Harper, just like I did. I think Monty, being and honorable man, is getting off the Harper bandwagon while it stops at the station. I think Emerson and Hearn are doing the same. I think they all have had enough of Harper's Lies and Betrayals.

Dr Mike said...

Shoot , I was hoping the third was Jimmy the pirate O Flaherty jumping ship.

Surely he can hear the shuffling feet of all those old folks lining up to vote against him in the upcoming vote.

No Jim , we have not all died-off .

We are coming, albeit slowly , just for you.

You are about to have your day in the sun.

Dr Mike Popovich.

CAITI said...


You are being too forgiving and to gracious. An honorable man, if that's what Monte Solberg truly is, would have spoken up against this robbery and gross act of fraud and deceit a long, long, long time ago, and not have cowered and wimpered his way out of office.

It was Plato who said:

“The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”

The best I can say about Monte Solberg is that he is apathetic.... honorable, he is most assuredly not.

Robert Gibbs said...

I'd have to agree with Brent's (caiti's) assessment there, polyian.

You're far too generous.


Anonymous said...

Solberg, the loser that he is, should have showed the moral backbone that Michael Chong showed we he quit Cabinet over Harper’s “Quebec as a Nation” nonsense

Richard said...

Solberg joins Myron Thompson and Art Hanger, two other ex Reformers, as being pious hypocrites for not representing either their constituents, or standing up for their Alberta based Energy Trusts. If even one of these so called gentlemen had the balls of Bill Casey, who quit this gang of Con Fascists Goofs over the Atlantic Accord screw over, then Lying Harper and his sidekick Flatulence would have never been able to pull off the Income Trust screwing. Solberg, Thompson and Hanger don't have the guts to face their constituents in this coming election. Piss on them all!