Thursday, September 11, 2008

Calgary Herald rebuked by reader

Keep the promises!

Calgary Herald
Published: Thursday, September 11, 2008
Re:"Bush planning to boost Afghan force; Up to 4,000 more soldiers pledged," Sept. 10.

Stephen Harper promises Canadian troops will be out of Afghanistan by 2011. Last election he also promised to honour the Atlantic Accord, to not tax Income Trusts, to have fixed election dates, to stop MPs from crossing the floor and to not make patronage appointments to the Senate. He started breaking these promises the first day on the job. His word is worthless as he cannot be trusted. Yet the Herald keeps publishing what he says as if it is gospel. I, at least, will not be fooled this time like I was the last election.

Stuart Smith,



Anonymous said...

Harper is following the same opportunistic vote getting script as in 2006. The problem for Harper is we have seen him for the liar that he is by the quickly broken promises he has made.

Any where are his policies? There are none.

I will not vote for a Conservative party with Harper in control again.

Dr Mike said...

Way to go Stuart Smith--sounds like you voted for Harper last election based upon his promises.

I did the same.

You have also noted that his word is worthless & he cannot be trusted.

I have also made this same note.

As Danny Williams has said , Harper is a fraud & we must vote for anyone but him.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Lore_Weaver said...

He also said he'd reduce the GST, give parents $100/month for each child under 6, pass an accountability act, give tax credits to parents for kids in sports programs, provide funding for the military to promote arctic sovereignty... I suppose I could go on...

The point is, it's not for lack of trying.

Go ask the people of Montreal if they'd rather Fortier wasn't in cabinet.

Go ask the Canadian Public if the it was worth running the country into deficit so Bell could get a tax break.

Go ask the Public if it was worth seeing Dion sit it out for another year in the house, or if it's better that we elect a new mandate.

If breaking a promise is going to be better for Canada, then you gotta do what you gotta do.

BTW, Only Newfoundland cares about the equalization promise.

Dr Mike said...

lore_weaver said...

Go ask the Canadian Public if the it was worth running the country into deficit so Bell could get a tax break.

Ummmm---what do you mean by this??

Bell was not paying any tax---they did not plan on paying any tax for at least 4 more years.

As an income trust , the tax paid to the Canadian gov`t from taxes paid on distributions to unit holders would have been near 800 million dollars per year.

Sucked up by the Teacher` pension fund means it will pay no tax --this deal was funded by billions in debt erasing any tax in the foreseeable future--this takeover was facilitated by Mr Flaherty.

So give me a break---the lost 800 million will push the feds close to deficit if they are not already in one.

The lost 2 billion in annual taxes because of the trust sell-off from the Tax fairness plan is almost criminal.

Harper is a sheister , no two ways about it.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Bruce Benson said...


I am just wondering how you would feel if you caught your wife cheating on you. Then you find out she cleaned out the bank account and moved in with her new boy friend. Or perhaps, she has a new girl friend. Oh, now she want alimony, the house and your car and she gets it all.

After 2 years she decides she wants to come back to you. I am just wondering if you are going to take her back and will you trust her again?

As it turns out you take here back and a few days later, you find the cup board bare. Your blind stupidity is amazing.

Stan said...

Hi Stuart,

Your right on. Harpers "Accountability Act". Try to find out the financial details behind the sale of Government office buildings and you will not be suprised that no info is available.Complete transaction is behind closed doors i.e no public advertisements ,no competetive public tenders, no opportunity for review etc. Its Harpers type of transparancy.This guy is totally consumed with his own power and has no respect for our democratic institutions. Can you imagine the convoluted mind that would initiate the preparation of a Manual on how to disrupt Parlimentary committees. I have been a Conservative all my life but I am disgusted with the behavior of Harper and his coherts. He will not get my financial support or my vote. I hope they get their collective "Butts" kicked in this election