Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grudge matches and bellwethers

The Ottawa Citizen considers my race against Jim Flaherty to be a “grudge match”, when in fact my candidacy is all about seeking accountability and exposing the truth. I have been burdened with this responsibility, which I bear gladly, because the press has failed to perform this role insofar as exposing Jim Flaherty regressive economic policies and the many falsehoods and manufactured arguments upon which they are based.

Just imagine when Canadians learn that Jim Flaherty’s key policy argument that income trusts allegedly cause tax leakage is a complete manufactured falsehood, and that this falsehood has actually caused $2 billion in lost tax revenue per year, when in fact none existed in the first place. Add to that the $108 billion wave of foreign takeovers his policy induced, the major loss of jobs , the loss of an essential savings vehicle, the financial ruination of many people’s lives and retirement futures and a little thing called $35 billion of their savings.

And this person is the Finance Minister? Negligence like this hasn’t been observed since the days of Mike Harris, in which Jim Flaherty last played a starring role. Who would conceivably want a Harper government in office at one of the most challenging economic times of our lives? Their economic incompetence is only rivaled by that of the Jack Layton NDP who were the “enablers’ of this self destructive income trust policy. Where’s Jack Layton’s proof of anything?

This reporter, to whom I have never spoken, is predicting a Flaherty win, but provides no rationale for that bold prediction? Perhaps this reporter should attend one of the many debates I will have with Jim Flaherty and the other candidates. A Flaherty win would mean all Canadians lose, none more so than those in Whitby-Oshawa.

Grudge matches and bellwethers

On election night, these are the races that the nation's hardcore political junkies will be watching
David Akin, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Saturday, September 27, 2008

As he campaigns in ridings around the country, Conservative leader Stephen Harper has never mentioned local opposition candidates by name -- except once.

At a stop in Oakville, Mr. Harper had some special words for the local Liberal candidate.

"I should have told the media that when I called this general election, I did it to give Garth Turner that byelection he promised," Mr. Harper said to the cheers of his supporters.

Mr. Turner had been elected in 2006 as a Conservative but ended up annoying his caucus so much that it threw him out. After sitting for a spell as an independent, Mr. Turner joined the Liberals and now seeks re-election under that banner. As a Liberal, Mr. Turner has been a relentless critic of Mr. Harper and the Conservatives, mostly through daily posts on his popular blog, but also in the House of Commons and in town hall meetings in his riding and around the country. As a result, Conservatives find him as annoying as they ever did.

So, in the riding of Halton, at least, the race is one of the country's best grudge matches, pitting Mr. Turner against all Conservative comers.

But there are plenty of fights like this in this 40th general election.

And for those who are tiring of the same old speeches from the party leaders, Canwest News Service spotlights 20 races where the local flavour gives politics some extra spice. These races feature grudge matches, high-profile candidates, or could be trendsetters on election night.

The Grudge Matches

Halton (Ontario): Garth Turner has been a thorn in the Tory side since he was tossed from their caucus. Local Tories were annoyed that head office appointed a candidate -- Lisa Raitt -- to face off against Mr. Turner. But Conservatives will cheer loud and long if they can oust Mr. Turner on Oct. 14.

Whitby-Oshawa (Ontario): Finance Minister Jim Flaherty should win here, but his Liberal opponent is Brent Fullard, a key organizer of investors who were furious over Mr. Flaherty's decision to tax income trusts. Mr. Fullard is carrying the grudge of all Canadians who felt burned by the Tory flip-flop on income trusts.

etc. etc.


Dr Mike said...

All it will take is exposing the truth to remove Flaherty from office .

Flaherty`s incompetence in Ontario has only been surpassed by his efforts on our behalf in Ottawa.

Since the media failed to produce the truth , it is up to Mr Fullard to do their work for them.

Dr Mike Popovich.

nineofiveland said...

Another Income Trust take out!!!

Connors Bros to be bought by US group. Thanks to flaherty my 38% capital loss is locked in, I lose an income stream @ 6%.

And guess what? Canadians will see exactly Zero tax revenue when this firm is sold, Tax Fairness my &&&.

Truth in Trusts said...

There goes the annual taxes on $40,000,000 in annual distributions from Connors Bros. And we will lose those taxes year after year after year.

What only another $10,000,000 a year in lost taxes? Jimmy doesn't care about such small numbers.

This brings the total of lost annual distributions from foreign private equity and pension plan takeovers to $1,410,677,000. At a 30% tax rate that is $423,000,000in lost taxes year after year after year. Every Canadian will have to make up that shortfall. Tax leakage that you can see!! Not some blacked out analysis by the Finance Department.

And here's the proof Mr. Flaherty. Where's yours?

Anonymous said...

Great story in today`s FP by Theresa Tedesco on Sabia and BCE. The story goes on to say BCE never seriously entertained the idea of converting to a trust but BCE said it publicly because Sabia and the Board knew that Flaherty wouldnt approve it. So Flaherty and Harper destroy the entire trust market because of the fraud of BCE. The perfect definition of ``unintended consequences``.

Dr Mike said...


That is right on the money.

The shareholders were dead serious about trust conversion as was indicated by the stock price when the conversion announcement was made.

That must have scared Sabia out of his wits because he would become accountable monthly within a trust structure.

This was where his buddy Flaherty would enter the picture & the rest is history as we say in the trust world.

Sabia continued to rake in his big salary & bonuses & BCE continued to languish & Pay out it`s piddling dividends.

Dr Mike Popovich.