Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Harper and Layton: just a couple of "cave" men.....devoid of ethical judgment or personal conviction


Globe and Mail Update

September 10, 2008 at 2:24 PM EDT

The political path has been cleared for Elizabeth May to participate in the televised leaders debates after first NDP Leader Jack Layton and minutes later Conservative Leader Stephen Harper withdrew threats to boycott.

The reversals could be a pivotal point in this federal election campaign.

Dogged by protesters and divisions within the ranks of his own party, Mr. Layton told reporters during a visit to a solar-panel company here Wednesday that the debate about the debate has become an unwanted distraction.

“I have only one condition for this debate, that the Prime Minister is there, because I want to debate the issues with him,” said Mr. Layton. “I don't want to be debating the debate forever.”

Mr. Layton's change of heart put the onus squarely on the shoulders of Mr. Harper to decide where the block against Ms. May will remain.

Conservative spokesman Kory Teneycke said the Tories are dropping their opposition to Ms. May participating in the debate, saying they don't want to be the odd man out on the matter.


Dr Mike said...

Democracy finally has had a triumph!!

Those two peas in a pod , Happy Jack & Flip Flop Stevie , finally felt the heat & let Ms May participate in the leaders debates.

Neither of these two were wanting to answer the questions she has about the income trust debacle which she promised to pursue like a dog with a bone.

Best bone up boys , Liz is a comin & she takes no hostages.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Anonymous said...

"Our position has been to support the NDP on this point of principle."

Did the Conservatives hire someone to identify, for them, what a "Principle" actually is, seeing as how they have none? And the statement underlines that they have none of their own (other than perhaps the "means justifies the ends").

Amusing that they were supporting the NDP's "Principle", as if it was the NDP's fault. I suppose that the NDP feels that same way about supporting the disastrous Tory Trust Tax.

Whether you call them the Odd Couple of Strange Bedfellows, it seems that Layton and Harper are more alike than any logical person would have thought.

CAITI said...

Thanks to those who invited me to these important debates........

.......however no thanks to the ethically challenged Stephen Harper and sidekick Jack , the political opportunists that they are

How’s Harper’s inept mastery of politics looking these days? Not so good I’d say, but then I have never had such thoughts. This election is going to end up being all about implausible leaders versus principled people....which only leaves two parties deserving of your vote.

A lib no more said...


Fine, let May, the Liberal fart catcher participate.

That works best for Harper as it will divide the lefty vote even more.

Oh yaaaaaaaaaaa.