Saturday, September 6, 2008

I believe, Jane Taber has got it wrong

Jane Taber of the Globe, in her POLITICAL NOTEBOOK of today, has reported on the supposed ethical dilemma that Don Martin of the Calgary Herald has placed himself, although Jane reports on the “ethical dilemma” as if it is one of someone else’s creation. Not so.

Three days ago, CAITI made an offer of a $10,000 reward for a copy of Harper’s so called dirty tricks manual. The offer was made to anyone with a copy of the manual. The $10,000 offer was necessary because Don Martin of the Calgary Herald, the only known third party person with a copy of the manual, was unwilling to give me a copy of the original he was given, when I requested that of him 16 days ago. Don Martin told me to go do my own research? My own research? He did no research himself whatsoever, as he was simply given the document. Why was he given a copy? To hide it under a rock for safekeeping?......or to disclose its contents fully to the public? Don Martin did indicate to me that the “juicy parts” (his words) are contained in the 30 page slide show portion.

Meanwhile Jane Taber is portraying Don Martin as being in some ethical dilemma, insofar as the reward is concerned. I asked Don Martin for a copy on at least two occasions long before the public reward was offered. He declined, hence the reward offer to the broader public. As such, this is an ethical dilemma of Don Martin’s own creation. Why is Don Martin hiding the contents of this highly relevant document on How to Obstruct Parliament on the very eve of Harper meeting the Governor General to prematurely dissolve Parliament on the sole basis of Harper’s argument that Parliament is dysfunctional. If Parliament is dysfunctional, it is largely due to Harper’s orchestrated tactics to render Parliament dysfunctional, as could be cooroborated by the contencts of this manual. Hence the highly relevant nature of this document to Canadians and the specific nature of its contents.

Meanwhile, could Don Martin please explain the ethics behind this response I received from him a full 16 days before I made a reward offer to the world at larger (as distinct from him personally). Why the unwillingness to share this information and protect his non-sources, since Don never received this document from the Conservative Committee Chair in the first place. What are the journalistic ethics involved in this..........information management?

August 18:
Actually Brent, it wasn’t a Conservative. And I did let the Hill Times write down the text, which they published last year, but I can’t release the actual paper ‘cause there are markings on it who would identify the chair who leaked it.
Cheers, don

August 18: Don; I appreciate the response. Are you saying the full text of 200 pages is available? Brent

August 18:
...The material is, I’ve counted them again, 37 pages of underlining and scribbles and exclamation points and notes all incorporated into the text of the presentation. It would take an hour to go through it and delete the marks to ready it for sharing with you.... Do your own research and subscribe to the Hill Times, search the archives and find the text they reprinted. I just don’t have the time right now. sorry. Don

Doesn’t have the time? Doesn’t Don know a good story when he sees one? Or does that explain why he’s sitting on this highly politically volatile and incriminating Conservative Party information, if indeed that’s what it is?

Meanwhile, his matter of journalistic ethics can be simply resolved by Don Martin making the source document (rather this his personal account thereof or the Hill Times account thereeof) available immediately to the broad public. Kady O’Malley of Macleans has indicated her strong desire for a copy of the source document as well. Therefore, I, Kady O’Malley and all truth seeking Canadians would be most grateful, and as a gesture of good faith, CAITI would be willing to donate the $10,000 to any charity of Don Martin’s choice, provided this is done within the next three days. Three days would surely give Don the hour he told me it would take to redact the hand written scribble, if he so desires.

I thank Don Martin in advance, as do all truth seeking Canadians.


September 6, 2008

Hot: Don Martin. The political columnist for the National Post and the Calgary Herald has a copy of the so-called Conservative dirty tricks manual or "Parliamentary Obstruction Document," a 200-page tome on how to make Parliament dysfunctional.

The Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors (CAITI), which is angry about the Harper/Flaherty broken promise on income trusts, is offering $10,000 to anyone who will supply them with a copy. A sneaky Liberal recently contacted Mr. Martin with what the Grit thought was a win-win situation. He asked Mr. Martin to give him the manual and he would turn it in to CAITI and collect the reward. He would give Mr. Martin the $10,000 and use the manual against the Tories in the coming campaign. The head of CAITI, Brent Fullard, would also have his copy.

Yesterday, Mr. Fullard said the offer is good until Sept. 15. Meanwhile, Mr. Martin, an ethical journalist, could not accept the money - so tempting as he just bought a new car.

Jane Taber is the co-host of CTV's Question Period, broadcast Sunday on CTV across the country.


Anonymous said...


Don Martin is just as unethical, dysfunctional, untransparent and unaccountable as the Harper government! Great article Brent. Keep up the good work!


CAITI said...


I am hoping you are wrong about that. Don's conduct will however determine the true answer to your charge.


Polyian said...

By not exposing the true existence of the Manual of Mass Disruption, Don Martin makes himself complicit in Harper's bogus election call. This manual was used to stall committee work so Harper could call his election before he was exposed on the Cadman bribe and the In/Out Financing scheme. By refusing to show the public the truth, Don Martin has chosen to support Harper's fraudulent abuse of the Canadian Parliamentary System. Shame on Don Martin.

Mohan said...

Good on you, CAITI. Jane Taber is simply off-track. Martin can't take the money, but surely he can't hide the facts either.

Robert Gibbs said...

Jane Taber may be the co-host of CTV's Question Period, but she's also Queen Weasel of the Association of Scribblers.

And Don Martin is a CON Hack with the National Association of Conservative Propagandists.

Clearly, for withholding this document, he is without morals, ethics or integrity.

Nothing about these hacks surprises anymore.

CAITI said...

An introductory course in ethics for Don Martin, from the readers of the Globe and Mail:

Norm Albert from Canada writes: Hot: Don Martin. The political columnist for the National Post and the Calgary Herald has a copy of the so-called Conservative dirty tricks manual or "Parliamentary Obstruction Document," a 200-page tome on how to make Parliament dysfunctional.
The mere existance of this document should be enough to put the authors in a small room with bars. Is this the Revolutionary Party of Canada we are talking about?
Ignorance is such Bliss!
Just an observation. I notice in the lead photo of Harper today has him looking directly ahead. Eye to Eye with the viewer. This is seldom the case.

Catherine Wilkie from Canada writes: Fun article. Reminiscent of Kady O'Malley's jaunty style.
About Don Martin. Ethics? Shouldn't we all be privy to this Manual? What game is he at? Who is his 'daddy?'

Closely Watching from Canada writes: Why is Don Martin not making Harper's Manual of Disruption available to the public? I respect that Martin does not want the money, but sitting on a document that exposes Harper's 'dysfunctional' argument as bogus makes Don Martin complicit in Harper's scam. This 200 page manual instructing Conservatives on how to disrupt committees is the main reason the committees have been stalled. These are the same committees that have been investigating the Cadman Bribe Tape and the In / Out Financing scheme. It is Harper who has tried to stall the findings of these committees until after he calls the election. It is Don Martin who is protecting Harper and allowing him to perpetrate this fraud on Canadians.

E MacM from Canada writes: so what did he do with the manual. I think he should give a copy to all the parties so they can see what dirty tricks their up against. fair is fair

m mills from vancouver, Canada writes: How sad this all is: a government creating an instruction book on how to obstruct the democratic, parliamentary government process and journalists having that information refusing to release it to the Canadian public. This is so unethical on both sides and it strikes at the very heart of a free and democratic society. Harper should remove the Canadian flag pin that he wears in his lapel...a cynical and dishonest display when he is actively working to undercut all it symbolizes. Shame on both the Conservative saboteurs plotting the ruin of our democratic process and government and the cowardly journalists who shrink from exposing them.

North Star from Canada writes: Let's see the Manual Don!

Mike Keith from Saskatoon, Canada writes: Wow! What a way to start off the election for the cons if this did happen, expose Harper for the manipulative leader he is and show his true values. As far as ethics go, doesn't Martin have an ethical responsibility to reveal this book to the public as a reporter, I guess thats why he works for Asper.

Sean Kelly from Guelph, Canada writes:

"It is a good thing Martin works for the Post, Had he worked for this rag he would be peddling it to the highest bidder who would promise to use it against Harper. Sadly, journalist ethics are lacking at the G&M."
If this manual exists, the Canadian public definitely deserves to know more about it.
Mr. Martin's ethics are suspect for NOT wanting to release it.
I appreciate that he is not accepting money to release it. However, one must ask why a journalist would hold back against releasing such an important document?

only mikey from Canada writes: Sean Kelly--because there is no truth in the claim.

Sean Kelly from Guelph, Canada writes:

"Sean Kelly--because there is no truth in the claim."
Then why the claim that he's an ethical journalist? Sounds pretty unethical to me.

Pervez Musharraf from Peccavista, Pakistan writes: What kind of car did Martin buy, Jane?

shaun narine from Fredericton, Canada writes: If Don Martin has a copy of the Conservatives' strategy on how to make parliament non-functional, why hasn't he released it to the public? After all, it is certainly newsworthy, particularly when the PM is calling a needless election (contrary to his own law) because, supposedly, Parliament is incapable of getting work done. It's like shooting yourself in the foot then complaining about the injustice of having to deal with an aching foot.