Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Woman loses home due to Harper and Flaherty's income trust eviction notice

Please see CBC Radio link in which retiree Marilyn reveals that she lost her home due to Harper and Flaherty’s income trust betrayal

Just image the outrage when Canadians learn that Harper/Flaherty’s tax leakage argument for their income trust policy is a complete fabricated lie.. Harper will be relegated to the political junk heap, where he belongs:

Click here and scroll down to economy and listen to Marilyn's plight at 32:00


Robert Gibbs said...

Harper and Flaherty didn't give a damn about the welfare of 2.5 million Canadians back in 2006 when they broke their 'solemn promise' and put so many people's futures in jeopardy.

And now, they certainly won't give a damn about this poor lady's situation almost two years later either.

This is truly a tragedy and provides one more example of the lack of responsibility and foresight inherent in the pathetic cognoscenti of Harper and his CON government.


Now compare that to the ideas and policies of the Liberals.

When you sit back and actually think about it in an overall sort of way, almost everything that Dion and the Libs have been addressing have a sound, reasoned, caring, comprehensive and forward looking framework to it.

With Harper, all you get (besides the lies, untruths and fabrications) are thoughtless knee-jerk reactions, virtually useless tax gimmicks and unsound economic policies.

I'll take the professor and his educated bench strength any day.

Dr Mike said...

Listening to Flaherty on BNN talking about economic matters & income trusts in particular , sure makes you feel warm & fuzzy all over.

This guy seems to enjoy the fact that people were hurt & hurt seriously by his tax.

This somehow gives him an inordinate sense of power & control.

I wonder who his master is??

Dr Mike Popovich.

Robert Gibbs said...


Was that today?

I don't believe I've seen it, unless it was one of his past pugnacious appearances.

Dr Mike said...
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Dr Mike said...


I believe that was yesterday.

Yesterday or whenever , the guy looked like a jerk ready to pop a vessel if they would have pressed him.


Robert Gibbs said...



I'll take a look on the BNN website for yesterday's video segments to see if something's there.


Robert Gibbs said...

Canadian Medical Association Editorial Accuses Harper Conservatives In Listeriosis Outbreak

Medical journal says Harper government lowered standards

September 17, 2008

Chris Morris

FREDERICTON–As the death toll rose yesterday from the national listeriosis outbreak, an editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal slammed the Harper government for undermining public health safeguards.

An elderly woman in New Brunswick became the 17th person whose death has been linked to the recall of food products from a Maple Leaf Foods plant in Toronto. It is the first confirmed case east of Ontario.

The New Brunswick Health Department said yesterday that the woman, in her early 80s, was infected with the same strain of listeria involved in the country-wide outbreak – which the CMAJ editorial released yesterday describes as "the worst in the world."

"As in the Walkerton and SARS epidemics, an outbreak of this size may point to systemic failures across multiple levels," states the editorial in the latest edition of the journal, referring to the deadly water contamination eight years ago in Walkerton, Ont.

"Listeria is the biological agent, cold cuts the vector, but the ultimate cause may be found in risky government decisions."

The editorial, signed by several doctors and journal editors, states that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has reversed much of the progress previous governments made in relation to public health.

The editorial takes aim at the Conservative government's decision to transfer inspection duties for ready-to-eat meats to the meat industry itself, while allowing listeria standards to remain lower than they are in most countries and reducing the Public Health Agency of Canada's political clout.

The editorial also makes the case for a full-scale, arm's-length public inquiry similar to those for the tainted blood scandal, Walkerton and the SARS epidemic, rather than the investigation called for by the Harper government.

"A full-scale public inquiry into the major failings of Canada's food inspection system is necessary to protect Canadians from future epidemic threats, and the Canadian public should settle for nothing less than that," the editorial states.

The woman's death in New Brunswick is the first such fatality in Atlantic Canada.


In a related regulatory matter that has also caused concern, Stephen Harper's government has decided to transfer aviation safety oversight to the airline companies themselves.

Toronto Star

Robert Gibbs said...

Stevie, what do you have to say about this CMA Journal editorial concerning the listeria outbreak?

***He said it was one author who said it, not the position of the medical association. “This author is in our opinion not someone who is credible.”***

But, but, Stevie, it says right here:

***The editorial, signed by several doctors and journal editors, states that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has reversed much of the progress previous governments made in relation to public health.***

What gives Stevie?
Are you lying again?