Thursday, April 9, 2009

About this "Ignatieff has no moral compass" Thing?

Comment on: [C A I T I - O N L I N E] "Ignatieff has no moral compass? Harper has no proof of tax leakage"

And---I am sure that you have observed that the self-appointed arbiter of Canadian morality continues to deny the legal passport possession to certain Canadians, who wish to return to their country. In doing so, he makes a mockery of Pres. Obama's recent statement that "we are not at war with Islam"------ all of this I have no doubt, to reassure his Christian right-wing friends south of the border of his loyalty to their values.  Added to this, he has contradicted and ignored Canadian tradition by refusing to intervene in the case of the convicted murderer on death row in the US---watches next I wonder?  A return to the "good old days" a death penalty in Canada??

Victoria BC

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