Friday, April 3, 2009

Flaherty's policies have caused job losses

"I think we're certainly looking at negative growth. I don't think Canadians are that concerned if it's '2-point-this' or '1-point-that', What [Canadians] are concerned about is the government taking the necessary steps to ease the impact on those who will lose their jobs," Flaherty said today

Like the 2,500 people fired from BCE as a direct result of Flaherty’s income trust tax that landed BCE into the control of US private equity firms who demanded these 2500 job reductions that would not have arisen had BCE been a trust. The LBO of BCE versus an Income Trust for BCE, also meant $793 million less in annual tax revenue for Ottawa. Flaherty has no knowledge of the consequences of his actions or the needs of Canadians.

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Dr Mike said...

Hey Jim , would you like to improve your imagine by one giant leap??

I have just the answer to boost your popularity 10 fold without you breaking a sweat by doing something that won`t cost any of us a dime in tax revenue.

You will be known as the guy who single-handedly put cash back into the hands of the consumer , boosted jobs , made tax revenues sky rocket , restore the TSX to it`s former glory & the guy who made me happy for the first time since Halloween 2006.

Dump the tax on income trusts.

Easy peasy.

Jim for PM.

Dr Mike Popovich