Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Harper is on Probation concerning his Income Trust lie

I was just informed of this income trust entry on the Liberal’s website made by CAITI member, Eric Shultz.

Please go to the website and VOTE HERE on this issue and add your thoughts to the following:

We deserve transparency and accountability from our government so that we can address this economic crisis responsibly and plan for our recovery. Canadians want the facts. You can help us keep the government on track by asking the Prime Minister a question.

Mr. Prime Minister:

Review the Tax Fairness Plan and the tax on income trusts

The Tax Fairness Plan (which is anything but) includes a 31.5% tax on Income Trusts that has never been properly justified (the argument of tax leakage was never substantiated and independent analysis shows there is none).

The Prime Minister needs to come clean on Income Trust taxation and ultimately repeal the tax.

The Income Trust investment vehicle is available under many forms but in this form it was most accessible and beneficial to average Canadians (other forms, such as Flow Through Entities, are more complicated to participate in - although the Finance Minister himself benefits from his partnership in an FTE).

In the previous election Stephen Harper berated the Liberals for "raiding senior's next egs" by taxing income trusts (after public consultation) and yet no sooner was he in office that he imposed without consultation a punishing tax on income trusts.

I call upon the Prime Minister to repeal the income trust tax and review the entire Tax Fairness Plan.

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Dr Mike said...

Now maybe if we can just get the Liberals to actually do something about this mess..........

We are not asking for anything other than the advertised "fairness" that the Fin Min is always going on about & the openness & accountability that the Liberals are demanding.

Dr Mike